3A Positive Displacement Servo Motor Rotary Lobe Pump

3A Positive Displacement Servo Motor Rotary Lobe Pump

3A Optimistic Displacement Servo Motor Rotary Lobe Pump

Standard merchandise application in:
Soup,stew,ketchup,veggies,condiments,chocolate,body fat and oil,cream filling,brewery,juice.
Cream,milk,cheese curd and whey,cottage cheese,yogurt.
Ointment,syrup,extractive,serum,Encounter Product&Lotions,Hair Styling Gels&Liquids,Dyes and alcohols,Soap,Cosmetics.

Hygienic features:
CIP cleanse and SIP sterilization
Shaft getting in contact with with medium is seal connecting,without having exposed screw.
All picks are with seal flush port,could be assembled with double mechanical seal
All areas are in stainless steel,like gear box,not only helps make inside hugely clean,but also helps make appaearance shut to no useless band.
Very easy maintenance,no specific resources needed,no pros needed.
With three-A ,Fda 21 CFR177.2600 ,CE MD-06/42/EC,EHEDG,Cleanliness license,ISO9001:2008 Certification

Inlet & Outlet Sizes 1″-4″ (DN25-DN100)
End Connections butt-weld, tri-clamp, thread, flange
Physique Substance AISI 304 (one.4301), AISI 316L (one.4404)
Entire body Types Horizontal Variety (TUL) & Vertical Variety (TUR)
Mechanisal Seal solitary seal (standard), double mechanical seal (choice), SIC/C, SIC/SIC
Electricity Offer .75KW-15KW
Voltage AC110V, 220-240V, 360-400V, 420-460V, 630-690V, fifty/60Hz
Greatest Stream Charge ninety m³/h, 395 GPM
Maximum Strain 174psi, 12ba
Maximum temperature 150ºC/302°F
Optimum Revolution 1450 RPM
Inner Finish Ra 16 ~ 32µin (.4 ~ .8µm), Ra 32µin as default.
Exterior Complete Ra 16 ~ 32µin (.four ~ .8µm), Ra 32µin as default.

3A Certified Stainless Steel Sanitary Rotary Lobe Pump for Beverage Foods Processing Pharmaceutical

Higher Purity, Reduced Sound
Higher force to twelve bar
Horizontal Kind (TUL) & Vertical Variety (TUR)
Selection of lobe options: butterfly, single, bi-wing, and tri-lobe.
Hygienic created in accordance to 3A common
Sanitary mechanical seal, effortless cleansing and routine maintenance
Applied to CIP cleansing and SIP sterilization

Different drives and devices
one) Handbook adjustment, continually variable transmission
2) Variable – frequency motor adjustment
3) Mounted velocity output transmission
Motor make use of the IEC EN IE2, PTC thermistor.

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3A Positive Displacement Servo Motor Rotary Lobe Pump