Be2232-400 4L Automatic Lubrication Oil Pump Suitable for Various Lubricating Systems

Be2232-400 4L Automatic Lubrication Oil Pump Suitable for Various Lubricating Systems

BE2232-400 4L Automated Lubrication Oil Pump Appropriate for A variety of Lubricating Programs

Lubrication technique parts
  An automatic lubrication technique (ALS), typically referred to as a centralized lubrication technique, is a system that provides managed quantities of lubricant to a number of locations on a device while the device is running. Even although these methods are generally entirely automated, a program that calls for a guide pump or button activation is nevertheless recognized as a centralized lubrication technique. The program can be categorized into two diverse types that can share a great deal of the very same components.
  Oil systems: Oil systems primary use is for stationary manufacturing equipment such as CNC milling
  Grease systems: Grease primary use is on cell units this kind of as vehicles, mining or design equipment.
  A standard technique is composed of controller/timer, pump w/reservoir, supply line, distributors/metering valves, and feed strains.

Generation instructions
  Our goods are full, including various lubrication pumps( this sort of as manual and electrical pumps),  small amount lubrication models, lubricant distributors( such as pre-lubrication distributors, re-lubrication distributors, progressive feeders, metering units), filters, other components( these kinds of as brushes, nozzles and spray heads, reservoirs), numerous connectors, tubes. Commonly use in CNC equipment, machining centre. We can supply you with the most ideal lubrication method style, goods and services in accordance to your demands. With years of expertise and the capability to repeatedly produce new technologies, we create merchandise that offer competitive positive aspects to our clients.
Principal Solution

Oil Lubrication Program Guide Kind Oil Lubricator
Intermittent Kind Oil CZPT Lubricator
Oil CZPT Lubricator – With Control by PLC
Oil CZPT Lubricator – With Manage by TIMER
Grease Lubrication Technique Guide Sort Grease Lubricator
Grease Pneumatic Lubricator
Grease CZPT Lubricator – With Manage by TIMER
Grease CZPT Lubricator – With Manage by PLC
Circulating Type Oil Lubrication Program Circulating Oil CZPT Lubricator
Oil Filler Pneumatic Pumps
Motor – Rotary Oil Pump
Circulating Coolant Pump
Distributor & Accessories A variety of Types of Distributor
Hose Spray gun
Fitting Areas Brass
Pipes – Adaptable Hose

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Good quality Assurance
Uncooked substance inspection(5steps)- Raw supplies tests is to guarantee the raw substance conforming to the get specifications.
Procedure tests(10steps)-Each processing stage testing is to guarantee each and every stage product qualified.
Manufacturing facility testing(6steps)-Assure a hundred% product competent price to satisfy customer’s needs
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Be2232-400 4L Automatic Lubrication Oil Pump Suitable for Various Lubricating Systems