China Horizontal Monel Chemical Axial Flow Pump & Elbow Propeller Pump

China Horizontal Monel Chemical Axial Flow Pump & Elbow Propeller Pump

Biref introduction:

Owns 8 patent systems, the thorough functionality of ZW axial movement pump ranks in prime amongst all the neighborhood rivals in CZPT. It is a solution of provincial accomplishment ,and it acquired the award of engineering development of CZPT machinery sector. There are loads of true product sales achievements for every single single specification from diameter 250 mm to 1500 mm. ZW axial flow pump is commonly employed as forced circulation pump in the programs of huge circulation fee with low complete head,for illustration: MVR drinking water therapy, vacuum salt, aluminum oxide, sodium sulfate, chlorine-alkali, sugar making,seawater desalination..


Flow rate: Q=250~55000(m³/h)
Total head: H=eight~1.5 (m)
Velocity: n=180~1450rpm
Fluid s.g.: γ ≤1.5 
Fluid temperature: T=~180ºC 
Fluid viscosity: ν ≤600(mm2/s)
Pump diameter: Ф250mm~1800mm


  1. Elbow structure for pump body,piece-welded body and casted body for selection.
  2. Pump impeller is cantilever type with spherical hub,impeller blades are adjustable.
  3. Pump shaft adopts butt welding workmanship,the wetted parts or possible wetted parts are made from stainless steel or other corrosive materials.
  4. Mechanical seal and packing seal can be interchangeable.
  5. Adopting cartridge mechanical seal,reliable and easy for maintenance.
  6. Enlarged cylinder type bearing housing with oil level glass and oil filler,which extends the bearing life and interval of lubricant changing.
  7. Pump and be driven by motor through V-belts,gear box or directly through couplings. For pipe hung pump,the universal joint transmission must be adopted if the motor ≥200kW.

Structure drawing is as below



  1. Salt-making force circulation pump
  2. Sodium sulfate force circulation pump
  3. Aluminum oxide force circulation pump
  4. Sugar-making force circulation pump
  5. Chlorine alkali force circulation pump
  6. MVR water treatment force circulation pump

Overall performance:


China Horizontal Monel Chemical Axial Flow Pump & Elbow Propeller Pump