China Manufacturer Industrial Drill Rig Mud Pump for Sale

China Manufacturer Industrial Drill Rig Mud Pump for Sale

CZPT Maker CZPT Drill Rig Mud Pump for Sale

The primary attributes are the higher strain, carry significantly, considerably less power usage, easy operation, high high quality and tough and easy to go, specially for mountain terraces of irrigation.

HFBW250 mud pump are largely used for irrigation agricultural machinery. As effectively they are also the major products of the geological survey, the major position in the process of core drilling boreholes. The mud pump is to supply fluid (mud or water), making it flow into throughout drilling and to have rock waste back to the floor to lubricate drill bits and drilling tools with cooling in purchase to obtain and preserve the base hole Thoroughly clean.

Functions——modest drilling mud pump HFBW250

BW-250 mud pump is a horizontal triplex solitary acting reciprocating piston pump which has two variable bore and Si Dang, huge liner for a thousand meters of large diameter drilling rig, tiny liner for 1500 meters of tiny diameter drilling rig…And core drilling rig is largely employed for transporting mud, can also be employed for other needs other aspects of grouting, mines and other lengthy-length h2o and sewage

 Model No.:     BW250
Variety     horizontal triplex Reciprocating single acting piston pump
Cylinder diameter     eighty,sixty five,70mm
Piston Stroke      
frequency of stroke     200 times/min
Flow rate     250,166,200L/min
Strain     2.five,four,5,six,7mpa
Power input     22kw
Diameter of suction pipe     76mm
Diameter of discharge pipe     51mm
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)     1100x995x650mm
Weight     760KG

China Manufacturer Industrial Drill Rig Mud Pump for Sale