Coiled Tubing Tools Swivel Joint Motor Running Pulling

Coiled Tubing Tools Swivel Joint Motor Running Pulling


The Locking Swivel Joint was made to permit the assembly of extended coil tubing strings with minimum lubricator length. Many occasions it is necessary to have long lengths of lubricator to accommodate the device string, creating a difficult and unsafe scenario.
Now with the Locking Swivel Joint, it permits for sections of the device string to be produced up and reduced into the properly bore. The String is spaced out and a pup joint is inserted, making it possible for the pup joint to seal in the rams of the BOP. The Locking Swivel is put on leading of the section of instruments and dropped in the lubricator. Pull the coupling back and tighten the set screws, allowing the clutches to disengage and allowing the swivel free spin.
The other section of tool string can now be assembled. Ahead of reducing the swivel in the hole, loosen the established screws so the coupling can slide again down, partaking the clutches. If rotation is required in the tool string, just consider the brass push pins out from underneath the coupling and this will stop any again torque by way of the string. If run below the motor the clutches must be engaged and brass generate pins put in.

Component Quantity Max OD Min ID Thread
(in) (in)
D97-3168-500 one.687 .531 one” AMMT
D97-3175-five hundred 1.750 .560
D97-3212-500 2.a hundred twenty five .812 1.five”AMMT
D97-3225-five hundred 2.250
D97-3287-five hundred 2.875 1.000 2 3/eight”PAC
D97-3312-500 3.a hundred twenty five 1.500 two seven/8″PAC
D97-3350-five hundred three.500

The Motorhead Assembly (M.A) has been created in recognition to market requires for compact, large duty, integrated BHA elements. The M.A brings together the Double Flapper Check Valve with the Hefty Duty CZPT Disconnect and the Dual Circulation Valve, common factors for practically all resource string styles. The tubing connector has been deliberately removed to give the added adaptability of operator option for the connector sort and coil tubing dimension.
The M.A. supplies the operator with a compact, adaptable, higher BHA and delivers the pursuing characteristics:

  • The M.A’s compact design and style presents an all round length preserving of around 30% more than the use of standard person parts.
  • The high torque functionality of the M.A. gives the perfect Motorhead for present-day higher need coiled tubing drilling apps.
  • The choice of tubing connector is not dictated by the M.A., as a result supplying the operator the flexibility to select the most proper connector to suit the application.
  • With a substantial reduction in the quantity of part areas, seals and thread connections, the M.A. is uncomplicated to assemble/disassemble and inexpensive to redress.
Portion Number Max OD Min ID Thread
(in) (in)
D96-1168-200 1.687 .406 one” AMMT
D96-1175-200 one.750
D96-1212-200 two.a hundred twenty five one.5″ AMMT
D96-1237-200 two.375 .625
D96-1287-200 two.875 .750 2 three/eight” PAC
D96-1312-200 3.125 .812

A constructive displacement drilling motor that employs hydraulic horsepower of the drilling fluid to drive the drill bit. Mud motors are utilised extensively in directional drilling and coiled tubing functions and can be assemble with a selection of electrical power section to meet the consumers well situations. From scorching holes to hazardous power fluids such as drilling mud or nitrogen. When purchasing specify these parameters to offer the ideal energy area do the occupation quickly and get the most existence out of your motors.

Technical specs
Element Variety Max OD Lobe Stage Stream price Working
Rotory pace Thread
(in) L/min N.m R/min
D96-1169-100 one.687 5:6 five. ninety-210 280 390-860 1″AMMT
D96-1169-one hundred and one 1.687 five:6 three. 90-a hundred and seventy a hundred and eighty four hundred-720
D96-1212-100 two.125 5:six six. eighty-one hundred ninety 430 260-640 one 1/2″AMMT
D96-1212-one zero one 2.a hundred twenty five 5:6 2.five 110-230 350 two hundred-400
D96-1287-100 2.875 5:6 four. 90-380 890 100-420 two 3/eight”PAC
D96-1287-101 2.875 seven:8 four.5 a hundred ninety-470 1045 a hundred and forty-360
D96-1312-one hundred hundred twenty five 5:6 three.five 380-660 1450 230-390

“GS” Type Operating/PULLING Instrument
The *GS* Type Managing/Pulling Resource is created to operate and retrieve downhole equipment with standard internal fish necks. The latching system is a robust dog/core style which releases positively from the internal fish neck when a hydraulic differential is applied to the tool.
The device does not demand shear pins or drop balls considering that the differential needed to activate the tool is presented by circulating through a choke insert in the main.
‘GS’ Sort Running/Pulling Resources are accessible for all common interior fish neck sizes.

  • Full hydraulic procedure
  • Several latch & release functionality
  • Confirmed puppy/core layout
  • Available to catch inner fish necks from 2″ to 7″
  • Safety shear perform
Technical specs
Part Quantity Size Max OD Min ID Internal fishneck Thread
(in) (in) (in) (in)
D96-3200-three hundred 2 1.810 .250 one.375 1″ AMMT
D96-3250-three hundred 2 one/2 2.250   1.812 one.5″ AMMT
D96-3300-three hundred three two.720 .390 two.312
D96-3350-300 three 1/2 three.110 2.625 two three/eight” PAC
D96-3400-three hundred four three.620   three.312

“IDC” Managing/PULLING Equipment

The “JDC” Managing/Pulling Tool is a collet kind operating/pulling device made to run or retrieve downhole instruments that have conventional exterior fishing necks.
The managing/pulling instrument design and style is incredibly strong in construction and enables a complete 360° engagement of the fishing neck to be latched.
The tool is totally hydraulically activated and therefore does not need the use of shear pins or fall balls to function, given that this is attained by circulating via a choke in the main of the instrument.
Attributes/Positive aspects:

  • Total hydraulic operation
  • Large responsibility building
  • Offered to catch all regular external fish necks
Part Amount Dimensions Max OD Min ID Inside fishneck Thread
(in) (in) (in) (in)
D96-3200-a hundred two 1.875   one.375 1″ AMMT
D96-3250-100 2 one/two 2.300 .390 one.750 one.five” AMMT
D96-3300-one hundred 3 2.875 2.312 two 3/8″ PAC
D96-3400-100 4 3.750   3.125

Movement ACTIVATED SHIFTING Instruments
The Flow Activated Shifting Resources is developed to be employed as a function resource for opening and closing sliding sleeves.
The generally shut shifting device is movement activated and consequently does not demand the use of drop balls to activate it. The Flow Activated Shifting Equipment by style can be utilized to possibly open or near sliding sleeves.
Shifting Equipment are supplied with a ‘pin-pin’ crossover, enabling the resource to be operate shifting both up or down.
The Movement Activated Shifting Tools are accessible to suit all dimensions and helps make of sliding sleeves and can be equipped with possibly constructive or selective keys.

  • Circulation activated (No drop balls required)
  • Positive or selective important possibilities
  • Optional exterior fish neck
Portion Quantity SSD measurement Min ID Thread
(in) (in)
D96-4231-one hundred 2.313 .390 one.5″ AMMT
D96-4256-100 two.562
D96-4275-100 2.750
D96-4281-100 two.813
D96-4312-one hundred 3.125 .500 two three/8″ PAC
D96-4331-one hundred three.313 .437
D96-4343-a hundred three.437 .five hundred
D96-4368-one hundred three.688 .437 2 7/eight” PAC
D96-4381-a hundred 3.813 .five hundred
D96-4412-one hundred hundred twenty five three 1/two” PAC
D96-4431-100 four.313
D96-4456-100 4.562

The Double Ended Selective Shifting Instrument (DESST) has been designed especially to selectively shift PCE, Otis, Camco, Baker sliding sleeves (SSD’s) in horizontal effectively bores.
The DESST shifting keys are normally retracted in the course of the running operation and are hydraulically stream activated to the open up change situation by increasing surface pump volume and for that reason, force at the downhole place of the DESST and SSD.
The DESST can selectively open or shut multiple SSD’s in a solitary coiled tubing vacation.

  • Circulation activated (No drop balls needed)
  • Dual motion for opening or closing sliding sleeves
  • Positive or selective important possibilities
  • Optional external fish neck
Element Amount SSD dimension Min ID Thread
(in) (in)
D96-4231-200 two.313 .390 1.5″ AMMT
D96-4256-two hundred 2.562
D96-4275-200 2.750
D96-4281-200 two.813
D96-4312-200 three.125 .500 two 3/8″ PAC
D96-4331-two hundred 3.313 .437
D96-4343-200 3.437 .five hundred
D96-4368-200 3.688 .437 two 7/8″ PAC
D96-4381-200 3.813 .five hundred
D96-4412-200 hundred twenty five three 1/2″ PAC
D96-4431-two hundred 4.313
D96-4456-two hundred 4.562


The Tubing Cutter is a device designed to go by way of small restrictions in tubing and reduce more substantial I.D. tubing beneath.
Blades are designed to prolong from piston drive created with hydraulic stress.
The tubing cutter is incredibly crucial where wireline equipment and mechanical resources have failed.

Technical specs
Element Number Max OD Rotory pace Bodyweight on bit Max minimize OD Best thread
(in) RPM BLS (in)
D96-8170-100 70-one hundred twenty -two,000 five 1″AMMT
D96-8212-100 2 1/8 70-a hundred and twenty -two,000 5 1.5″AMMT
D96-8237-one hundred two three/eight 70-a hundred and ten -three,000 seven
D96-8287-a hundred two seven/8 70-a hundred and ten -3,000 eight 1/four two 3/eight”PAC
D96-8350-one hundred 3 one/two 70-110 -4,000 9 two seven/eight”REG
D96-8425-one hundred 4 one/four 70-110 -four,000 nine 31/2″REG

Mills employed for mill out all kinds of road blocks and debris in effectively bore.

Element Number Max OD Blade amount Best thread
D08-2810-000 2.28 / one”AMMT
D08-4510-one zero five 3.50 three 2 3/eight”IF
D08-4510-106 three.50 three two three/8″PAC
D08-4510-114 3.62 5 2 3/8″PAC
D08-5510-106 four.33 3 two 3/8″PAC
D08-5510-118 four.21 5 2 3/eight”PAC
D08-5510-one zero five four.33 3 2 three/8″IF
D08-7571-000 5.51 / NC38

Coiled Tubing Tools Swivel Joint Motor Running Pulling