Hot Selling Scientific Dry compactor Process With hydraulic system

Hot Selling Scientific Dry compactor Process With hydraulic system

CZPT Preserving Briquette Forming Equipment With no Any Additives

Merchandise description:

Solution Application
                 Dry granulation can be performed underneath this approach: the powder is squeezed between two counter-rotating rollers to make a steady sheet or ribbon of resources.
     DH series dry roll push granulator adopts dry rolling technology to compress the powdery materials with moisture content material ≤1% into items or tablets, then likely via the procedures of breaking into granules and screening to make the lump materials into granules that meet the specifications of software. Dry roll push granulator mainly depends on the way of exterior force to pressure the content likely by way of the hole amongst two fairly turning rollers to compress into laminar particles. Throughout course of roller urgent, the actual density of components can increase one.five~3 moments hence reaching specific requires of granular toughness.

Operating Theory:

1). Use belt scales to weigh each raw materials in accordance to system.—Batching system
two). Use mixer to the uncooked material for far more uniform feeding.—Mixer
3). Use bucket elevator raise the materials up to the silo.—-Bucket elevator and Silo
four). The DH Sequence COMPACTOR compress the raw materials by double rollers, it mostly depending on the mechanical force to compress the dry powder, so the hardness of granular is very large.———DH SERIES compactor (which includes 3 areas: dosage screw feeder, compelled feeder and flaking machine.)
five). Then we get the bar form items.
6). So we need a crusher to crush the bar shape items into 2-4mm irregular granules.—-Crusher (you can determine the dimensions of granules, we will design the measurement of crusher mesh.)
seven). Lastly, we will use rotary monitor to sieve the ultimate products, the unqualified goods, these kinds of as dust, massive granular and quite tiny granular will be recycled for the subsequent time granulation method. You will get the experienced 2-4mm irregular condition granules successfully.——–Rotary Screen
8). Subsequent we use the second time rotary display screen, the goal is we want to get far better consequence of irregular form granules following 2nd time screening, the visual appeal of irregular shape granular will appears far more gorgeous. ——-Second Time Rotary Monitor (if you will not need to have this, you can delete this approach.)
9).Soon after second sieve, the granule enter into the rotary drum for coating.You can spray some liquid or powder on the surface area of the particles to avoid clumping.——-Coating machine
9). The final phase is packaging equipment. This device will aid you pack the last granular into baggage. —You can choose 25-50kg/bag Packaging Device or TON-package equipment(800-1000kg/bag)
10). Workshop dusts mainly appear from the crusher, screening and discharging port of bucket elevator, in buy to successfully eliminate the dust, this method uses two phases of dust removing. A cyclone dust collector is utilized to remove the larger particle dust, and then the bag dust filter is utilised to eliminate the residual dust. The dust from the dust collector will return to the granulation approach by scraper conveyor.—— Dust accumulating procedure.

A variety of rollers:

Completed goods:

Peripheral equipment:

Peripheral equipments for granulation line
  In addition to the pellet machine,we can also give the entire supporting products of granulating procedure to help you finish the granulating much much better. 
These kinds of as the mixer,feeding device,the crush machine,the screening equipment,drying/cooling equipment,conveyor and so on.
Main Characteristics
1) Granular toughness can be modified by changing the pressure of roller, control power of ultimate merchandise. 
2) Cycle operations to attain continuous production. Higher yield of concluded merchandise.
three) Resources are power to compress molding by mechanical strain, with out any additives, the product’s purity is confirmed. 
four) Dry powders are granulated straight without having stick to-up drying process, the current generation procedure is easy to convergence & transformation.
five) A broad selection of uncooked materials can be utilized, granular energy can be freely modified according to various supplies.
6) Compact structure, easy servicing, straightforward procedure, limited procedure, low strength intake, high efficiency, lower failure price.
seven) Control environmental air pollution, lessen squander and powder packaging costs, and boost item transport potential.
eight) Feeding system adopts frequency adjustment control, substantial automation ,a single can management multi-machine, has the characteristics of low labor depth and lengthy time period continuous procedure,and so forth.

Automatic management:

Technological parameters:

Product DH360 DH450 DH650 DH850 DH1050
Legitimate usable width (mm) a hundred and seventy-230 a hundred ninety-280 290-330 420 five hundred
Roller velocity (rpm) 10-25 ten-25 ten-twenty five nine-16 8.5-fourteen.five
Max rolled sheet thickness (mm) eight twelve sixteen 25 36
Rolled sheet output*(kg/h) 1300-2300 2500-3500 5000-7000 12000-16000 22000-38000
Completed item output (kg) 900-1300 1800-2500 3500-4000 6000-8000 12000-16000
Granular measurement (mm) 2-5 2-5 2-five 2-five two-five
Main unit power (KW) 30-37 fifty five-seventy five 90-one hundred ten 220-250 four hundred
Total installed potential (KW) 55 ninety 175 four hundred 850
Exterior dimension (mm) 2350×2000×2600 2600×2200×2900 3600×2800×3200 5000×3800×4100 7000×5000×6000
Overall bodyweight (t) 7 10 21 46 75-eighty five

Success situations:

Granulation line with annual creation of 150 thousand tons huge granules
CZPTtity6 sets of DH650
Brand name: CZPT 
Created 6 sets of DH650 granulation procedure plan for Ammonium sulphate plant of Belarus, and has been put into generation.

Granulation line with Potassium sulphate big granule of thirty tons/hour. 
CZPTtity: 4 sets of DH850
Brand nameCZPT
Made 4 sets of DH850 granulation process program for potassium sulphate plant of russia, and has been set into creation.

Granulation line with Potassium fertilizer granule of 200 tons/day.
CZPTtity: 5 sets of DH650
Brand: CZPT
Origin: CHINA 
Made 5 sets of DH650 granulation approach system for potassium fertilizer plant of bolivia, and has been place into creation

Granulation line with Potassium sulfate of 30 tons/hour. 
CZPTtity: 6 sets of DH850
Designed 6 sets of DH850 granulation procedure software for potassium sulfate of SDIC, and has been set into creation
 Granulation line with compound fertilizer of twenty tons/hour.
CZPTtity: 2 sets of DH1050
Brand: CZPT

First: CZPTDesigned
2 sets of DH1050 granulation method program for compound fertilizer plant of Malaysia, and has been put into generation

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Hot Selling Scientific Dry compactor Process With hydraulic system