Hydraulic Bending Press Brake Machine with E20 Md-20 Da41 Control System

Hydraulic Bending Press Brake Machine with E20 Md-20 Da41 Control System

CNC Synchro Push CZPT Wc67Y-250t 6000 &colon
CZPT method&colon
-A comprehensive electrolyte servo synchro CNC &lparComputer Numerical Manage&rpar managed push brake&time period
-Adopt Bosch electrolyte servo program &lparfrom Germany&rpar
Mechanical system&colon
– Two light-weight rulers are installed at the two ends of the slide&comma generating the slide movement be parallel to the functioning table
– Adopt the doing work table payment structure&period of time
– The CNC servo motor of the back again gauge offers a high positioning accuracy&interval

CNC program&colon
– The DA65W computer imported from Holand Delem Co&period
– Immediately compute the working time and quantities of press brake actions&period
– For single step procedure&comma the consumer only needs to enter the related knowledge into the system&comma and then the method will check out out the stress essential for push brake and get every single issue in buy&period
– When generating several measures press brake actions on the components&comma the person just wants to enter the intended dimensions into the program&comma and then the system can make ongoing push brake steps according to the specifications&period
– Can store twenty five push brake processes&time period
– Give alarm alerts on incorrect operations
– Instantly handle the following datum&colon Strain discharge time&comma force maintaining time&comma press brake force&comma press brake angle&comma the opening peak of slide and and so on&period of time

Synchro control system&colon
-Two light-weight rulers &lparY1-Y2&rpar have been set up at the two sides of the device to measure the precise distances&period
-The place data will be delivered to the CNC technique and then it can examine out the servo valve handle sign &lparS2-S2&rpar&period

Transmission program&colon
– Higher-precision ball screw and linear manual-way
– PANASONIC HINAS A4 sequence&semi AC servo motor and drive&semi

Payment Method&colon
-WILA deflection compensation&semi
-Automatic worktable compensation for use and tear of the mattress

The deviation resistance ability of the equipment device&colon
-The electrolyte servo technique of this forging machine is an internal closing ring control program&comma which can check out out the synchro discrepancies of the slide by the motion of the gentle ruler&interval


Hydraulic Bending Press Brake Machine with E20 Md-20 Da41 Control System