Hydraulic Press 5kg Salt Block Machine with Servo System Optional

Hydraulic Press 5kg Salt Block Machine with Servo System Optional

hydraulic push 5kg salt block equipment with servo program optional

Super customized:
With the user’s needs keep on to improve the hydraulic push device maker design, accrued experience, to accomplish excellent customized.

Extremely peaceful:
Force system to enhance the improve, and finally close to perfect, take away your problems.

Do not leak oil:
CZPT mechanical blend, the ideal overall cooperation.

Super strong:
Fantastic components, patiently recurring processing, fully craft assist to guarantee the strength of the hydraulic press machine manufacturer construction

Extremely Higher Pressure:
The heat & cold machine manufacturer force output is steady and the stamina is sufficient.

Super efficiency:
In comparison to the product hydraulic press machine manufacturer itself, tremendous lower value, substantial price.


The total hydraulic push equipment manufacturer framework

Including set stress process two molding methods,
The CE warmth & cold method hydraulic press equipment producer core electrical elements utilizing Schneider brand,
And divided into standard objective, quick, additional speed, three technical specs,
warmth & cold device maker Human body elements are often export-normal configuration.

CZPT cylinder with plunger pump, GB seals, the cylinder block 45 # forged metal, 45 # bar piston rod surface hardening, chrome plating.
Continual energy pump hydraulic pump variable, extended existence and lower sounds.
CZPT pipe chilly drawn seamless metal pipe, diameter flange relationship to get rid of oil spills.
CE heat & cold procedure hydraulic push equipment producer Voltage using 3-section 4-wire program, handle panel 24V protection voltage.

YQ32.3 beam four column hydraulic push Use:

one.Vehicle areas:
vehicle entire body covering areas, braking, fuel tanks, chassis, axle scenario , bumper.
2. Home appliances:
washing device , TV, fridge ,air conditioning, rice cooker and other elements .
sink ,tea set and  Other kinds of containers .

YQ32.a few beam 4 column hydraulic press purpose:

utilized in metallic tensile,punching,rummaged,chilly extrusion and other stamping procedure,
can also be used for correction ,press-in shape.
pressed powder products and plastic molding goods and insulation components molding.


Hydraulic Press 5kg Salt Block Machine with Servo System Optional