Hydraulic Spool Valve Motor for Plastic and Rubber Machinery Large Torque Omt Hydraulic Motor

Hydraulic Spool Valve Motor for Plastic and Rubber Machinery Large Torque Omt Hydraulic Motor

CZPT Spool Valve Motor for Plastic and Rubber Equipment
Huge Torque OMT CZPT Motor


Friends, Welcome to CZPT CZPTs Kingdom. We can provide a lot more than 3000 diverse orbital motors, categorised in varieties, variants and sizes (incl. Diverse shaft versions).

Eaton Char-lynn hydraulic motor J,S,H,2000,4000,6000,10000 Series(104-**, 105-**, 106-**, 119-**,193-**).
Brevini HT Series.
M+S Motor MT/MLHT collection.
CZPT TB, TE,TG sequence.
* Any Much more

CZPT OMT collection motor adapt the innovative Geroler equipment set design with disc distribution movement and substantial force.The device can be provided the individual variant in operating multifunction in accordance with requirement of apps.

Attribute features:
* Superior producing products for the Geroler equipment set,which use lower stress of begin-up, supply smooth and reliable procedure and high performance.
* The output shaft adapts in tapered roller bearings that allow large axial and radial forces.Can provide capacities of substantial pressure and high torque in the extensive of applications.
* Superior design in disc distrbution movement, which can instantly compensate in running with large volume performance and prolonged daily life, give sleek and reliable operation.

Solution Present:

Primary Specificaion:

Type OMT160 OMT200 OMT230 OMT250 OMT315 OMT400 OMT500 OMT630 OMT800
cont. 625 625 536 five hundred 380 305 240 196 154
int. 780 750 643 600 460 365 285 233 185
Max. torque 
cont. 470 590 670 730 950 1080 1220 1318 1464
int. 560 710 821 880 1140 1260 1370 1498 1520
peak 669 838 958 1036 1346.three 1450.three 1643.8 1618.eight 1665
Max.output (kW) cont. 27.seven 34.9 34.7 34.5 34.nine 31.two 28.eight 25.3 22.2
int. 32 forty 40 forty 40 35 35 27.five 26.8
Max. pressure 
cont. twenty 20 twenty 20 twenty 18 sixteen fourteen 12.five
int. 24 24 24 24 24 21 eighteen 16 13
peak 28 28 28 28 28 24 21 19 sixteen
Max.flow (L/min) cont. one hundred a hundred twenty five 125 one hundred twenty five a hundred twenty five a hundred twenty five one hundred twenty five 125 a hundred twenty five
int. a hundred twenty five 150 one hundred fifty 150 one hundred fifty 150 one hundred fifty one hundred fifty a hundred and fifty
Max. inlet 
stress (MPa)
cont. 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21
int. twenty five twenty five twenty five twenty five twenty five 25 twenty five 25 twenty five
peak thirty 30 thirty 30 thirty thirty 30 30 30
Web Weight  (kg) 19.five twenty twenty.four 20.five 21 22 23 24 twenty five

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CZPT OMT series Orbit CZPT Motor
Flange: flange4: four-Ø14 Sq.-flangeØ160,pilotØ125×9
flangeK6: four-Ø14.5Square-flangeØ162,pilotØ127×9
flangeW: 4-Ø18 Wheel-flangeØ200,pilotØ160×7
flangeD: 4-Ø14 Circle-flange Ø160,pilot Ø125×8
flangeE: 4-Ø14.5 Sq.-flange Ø162,pilot Ø127×10
Output Shaft:

shaft M: Shaft Ø40 , parallel crucial 12×8×70

shaft G: Shaft Ø38.one ,parallel important 9.52×9.52×57.fifteen

shaft F: Shaft Ø38.1 ,splined tooth 17-DP12/24

shaft FD: Shaft Ø38.1 ,splined tooth seventeen-DP12/24

shaft T: Cone-shaft 1:ten Ø45 ,parallel key B12×8×28
shaft T1: Cone-shaft one:eight Ø45 ,parallel essential 11.13×11.13×31.seventy five

shaft SL: shaft Ø34.85,Splined crucial,Splined key 6-34.85×28.14×8.sixty four

shaft G1: shaftØ31.seventy five ,parallel important 7.96×7.96×40

shaft F1: Shaft Ø31.75,splined tooth 14-DP12/24

Port and Drain port: D: G3/4 Manifold Mount,four-M10 , G1/4 

M: M27×2 Manifold Mount,four-M10, M14×1.five

S: one-1/16-12UN O-ring, 9/16-18UNF

S1: 1-1/16-12UN O-ring, 7/sixteen-20UNF

G: G3/4,G1/four

M3: M27×2,M14×1.five

Software regions:
one) Conveyors
two) Steel working device
three) Agriculture equipment
4) Road developing machines
five) Mining equipment
six) Foods industries
seven) CZPT autos
8) Plastic and rubber machinery 
9) And a lot more

one. We are major profesional company of CZPT motor in ZheCZPT CZPT. Our products have been exported to far more than 50 international locations which includes Africa, CZPT East, South The usa and Asia.
2. We are not only produce normal models, but also create new designs in accordance to your style.
three. Professional service staff and competitive price will give you a perfect purchasing experience.

1. Guarantee for 1 yr or one thousand hours (according to whichever finishes first) from the purchasing day on.
2. In the course of the promise time period, our firm will provide the easy-destroyed CZPT for issues
Brought on by our quality of generation or uncooked material. Pls offer the faulty appearance and connected bill variety.
3. Sorry for you should liable for the freight appear-and-go, and the customized tax.
4. After expiration, our organization can provides value spare-parts upkeep for engines.
five. To preserve the cost, you can choose send the motor back again with no packing.
six. My dear pal, your e-mails can be get inside of 1 company working day. If you do not acquire our reply, remember to kindly re-sent your e mail or give us a call any time.

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Hydraulic Spool Valve Motor for Plastic and Rubber Machinery Large Torque Omt Hydraulic Motor