Hydraulic Synchronous Lifting Jack System

Hydraulic Synchronous Lifting Jack System

PLC synchronous lifting method according to the displacement, strain sensor comments to management a assortment of big , hefty or sophisticated actions to locate the structure , relevant to any component bodyweight distribution. Synchronous CZPT can lessen the jacking details in between the curved or uneven bodyweight distribution brought on by load adjustments , distorted or tilted .
   By a PLC controller displays every jacking level displacement and load. By shifting the stream rate of every hydraulic jacking point , the program can sustain a higher-precision situation management .
   This displacement of the control system in the deviation of the load does not need human intervention to keep the structural integrity , but also can increase the productivity and basic safety of the lifting procedure .

Notable functions:

1.A frequency management loop management , shut-loop handle of pulse width modulation
2.Pulse width modulation open – loop management technologies to meet the various demands of different end users
3.( Or exterior ) displacement of two hydraulic cylinders built-in strain sensors are hundreds jacking technique to ensure dependability in harsh environments
are set to protect the cylinder valve operate is not overloaded , the load balancing capabilities cylinder , so the cylinder does not load decrease to reduction of pressure drop
Up to superior velocity and large oil into the hydraulic circuit , not only when large-precision synchronous lifting at the same time make certain substantial precision load fall synchronization ,
4. the mistake does not exceed ± .5mm
5.velocity established to zero, minimal- jacking , lifting pace can be managed
6.Color contact display , the implementation of online exhibit jacking displacement , lifting masses and other states , can also be mounted IPC implementation record the complete construction approach
seven.Widespread PLC four points synchronous lifting , also expandable to 24 factors or 32 details or far more multi-position synchronization , multi-level synchronization in addition to preserving the condition of multi- level synchronization , the user’s requirements and in accordance with the mediation of the pivot load distribution


Design Factors Number Synchronous CZPT(mm) Motor Electrical power(Kw) Voltage
Oil Tank
four <=+-0.5 2.2 380 70 two 130
8 <=+-0.5 2.2 380 70 two one hundred thirty
12 <=+-0.5 two.2 380 70 2 a hundred thirty
sixteen <=+-0.5 5.five 380 70 five 200
24 <=+-0.5 five.five 380 70 five two hundred


one. For synchronous lifting and load positioning applications
two. large, weighty objects weighing, shifting synchronous lifting (lifting )
3. large gear when lifting and decreasing installation and routine maintenance
four. highway bridge routine maintenance and substitute of rubber bearings Jacking
five. freeway, railway overpass all round elevation
six. structures jacking and translation
7. weighty load , pile structural screening
eight. With the assistance and promotion of  leveling present properties
nine. bridge lifting and repositioning
10. levels of load transferring
eleven. synchronous strain Hull jacking



Hydraulic Synchronous Lifting Jack System