Hydraulic System Stainless Rising Bollard

Hydraulic System Stainless Rising Bollard

Safeway System – AT8200 hydraulic road blocker/barricade series are widely used in highway tool station, checkpoints, prisons, airports, govt agencies, embassies, navy base-station, personalized ports, banking companies, industrial and mining organizations, ports, warehouse, parking and all requests to control vehicle in and out restrict traffic places.

The lifting column products mostly is made up of 3 areas: the elevate Cylinder, hydraulic movement, electric powered manage
one. The elevate Cylinder:
The lifting column is primarily composed of lifting cylinder and foundation. The machine is metal composition, it is manufactured of seven mm thickness seamless metal pipe, welded, with large power load-bearing and crash resistance the outer wall is crimson warning color, outfitted with yellow reflective belt, night time can open developed-in vivid LED mild, warning automobile attention risk.
The system is buried in the lane or the designated location of the door, by way of the guidelines of the staff on obligation limits.
two. CZPT motion:
CZPT motion mainly by the fuel tank, motor, pump and other components, it is a full established of lifting column system electricity supply, the unit put in in the raise column, and supporting the use of lifting column (via the control valve to modify the charge of rise and tumble), electricity failure via the backup electricity Manual decentralization.

3. Electronic Manage Technique :
Automated CZPT management portion: handle board, sub-management board, leakage swap, no make contact with sound substantial daily life contactor, precision commence time set (anti-cylinder stroke in place right after the influence of enhanced fuel daily life), can be established to automatically increase (Additionally the perception of the coil from the pole). Automated controller: like control box, remote control, guide button, and so forth. by the obligation manage.
Primary technological parameters:

Handle system: electric hydraulic
Energy: 220V
System electricity: 300W (solitary), a number of by the amount of superimposed electricity
Bodyweight capability: more than a hundred tons of container vans
Opening time: 1.five~3s ( can be adjustable)
Closing time: one.five~3s(can be adjustable)
Interaction: RS485≤1200M
Blade height: 600mm
Column diameter: 245mm.
Working temperature: -35ºC-75ºC.
Storage temperature: -40ºC-75ºC,water-proof, dust-proof,
CZPT force is adjustable, the normal force need to be altered below 50KGF, the maximum can not exceed 70KGF
CZPTing column Proportions L350 * W350 * H1112mm, lifted soon after the height of 600 ± 5mm.
Item benefits: 1. Rapidly speed up&down,Lower Sounds:
CZPTing time up to one.5 ~ 3s seconds and can be adjustable, much greater than the very same specifications of other companies of the column, which is very beneficial. Since it utilizes hydraulic generate unit, motion, soft and relaxed.
2. Manage Sensitivity
Manage unit utilizing multi-purpose logic controller, it can adjust a variety of various functional modes to meet the different requirements of various customers in the operate. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the motion of the adjustable stroke timing style, the consumer can freely handle the peak of the spikes, properly save power use.
3. Exclusive framework
The main element of the hydraulic device and the mechanical energy mechanism as a one-piece design, which can properly transfer the mechanical energy to the hydraulic generate device, motion efficient. CZPT models to accomplish the exclusive layout of the pressure of the helicopter, excellent efficiency in the very same field at property and abroad is very uncommon.
4. Safe and dependable
When the case of electricity outages and other emergencies, the hand can be an crisis fall, raise column can be diminished to open up the channel, the release of cars. The higher and reduce components of the inner repairing system are respectively outfitted with current detection sensors and electromagnetic sensors, thus noticing the powerful limit of the overcurrent safety and the cylinder motion of the energy unit, and the procedure is stable and trustworthy.
five. Economic climate
As a result of their very own motor drive method, environmental defense and strength conserving, minimal usage, reduce failure charge, for a longer time life, lowering servicing charges. In addition, the use of non-traditional steering mechanism design and style, set up and servicing, far more easy and rapid.
Merchandise attributes:  1. CZPTble,Overload,Operate Effortlessly,Minimal Noise,Fast velocity up&down
two. Micro-manage technology helps make bollards function secure and reputable,Effortless integrate to other systems
Compatible with street barrier,Turnstiles and other entry system handle to attain computerized control
3. Innovative mature Reduced force hydraulic travel technologies,substantial trustworthiness, stability and balance.
four. Guide hydraulic method system, satisfy hearth management demands (optional)
In the scenario of a power failure or in the event of failure, if the raise column is in the up state demands to drop, you can manually move the lifting column include down to the horizontal situation, so that automobiles pass (the method with a 12V spare battery)
5. Automatic hydraulic technique device
Remote management gadget: through the wireless remote manage method, can be all around the controller around 30 meters (according to the scene of the radio interaction atmosphere), activities, remote raise column carry. Guide button device: by means of the protection area in the manual change button management box, elevate the corresponding elevate column.
six.In accordance to consumer specifications can be set up the pursuing capabilities (system assist):
    Credit card management: set up the card reader, by means of the credit score card routinely manage the carry column lift.
    Barrier and elevate column linkage: with barrier (block system) / access management, can obtain barrier, and entry handle and lift column linkage. And personal computer tube buried technique or charging program link: can be related to the pipe technique and the charging program, a unified computer management.
7.Hassle-free servicing: When the scenario of structural failure or servicing of the entire body, via the screw cap screws, the flap removed, the corresponding operation.

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Hydraulic System Stainless Rising Bollard