Hygienic Stainless Steel Rotary Lobular Lobe Pump Cam Rotor Pump for Honey Syrup Glucose

Hygienic Stainless Steel Rotary Lobular Lobe Pump Cam Rotor Pump for Honey Syrup Glucose

Hygienic Stainless Metal Rotary lobular Lobe Pump Cam Rotor Pump for honey syrup glucose 

<<Between Rotor and stator keep a certain gap,no friction coefficient and long service life.
<<High efficiency and energy saving,conveying smooth,low failure rate, reliable sealing and low noise.
<<Simple assembly and disassembly,maintenance,cheaning is convenient,less easyworn parts.
<<To keep the continuity of operation reliability and no leak time.
<< After to use of special material,may conveying the sludge and sewage containing solid grain of the granular.
<< May conveying the medium viscosity for less than or equal to one million cp,and contain solid content is sixty percent of the slurry.
<<May conveying the vapor,fluid and solid three-phase mixed material.
<<This pump to use special stainless steel,can conveying strong corrosive fluid.
<<Configuration frequency transfurer,can adjust flow,and can make the general metering pump use.
<<According to user needs,in the pump shell increase thermal insulation and health-grade safety valve.
Technical parameter

Product Ability for each one hundred rotation(L) Pace
Circulation(L/H) Power
Hd-3 3L two hundred-five hundred three hundred-800 .55
Hd-six 6L 200-five hundred 650-1600 .75
High definition-8 8L 200-five hundred 850-2160 one.five
High definition-twelve 12L two hundred-500 1300-3200 two.2
Hd-twenty 20L 200-five hundred 2100-5400 3
High definition-30 30L 200-400 3200-6400 4
Hd-36 36L two hundred-400 3800-7600 4
High definition-52 52L 200-four hundred 5600-11000 5.5
High definition-66 66L two hundred-four hundred 7100-14000 7.5
High definition-seventy eight 78L 200-four hundred 9000-18000 7.five
Hd-100 100L two hundred-four hundred 11000-22000 eleven
Hd-a hundred thirty five 135L two hundred-400 15000-30000 fifteen
Hd-one hundred sixty 160L 200-four hundred 17000-34000 eighteen.5
High definition-two hundred 200L 200-400 216000-43000 22

Solution Demonstrate

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Hygienic Stainless Steel Rotary Lobular Lobe Pump Cam Rotor Pump for Honey Syrup Glucose