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EPG will usually adhere to it organization spirit of currently being sensible, innovative, productive and outstanding to make the prime intercontinental transmission drive. We will offer ideal companies and substantial high quality items with all sincerity. In this way, our products have continued to acquire market place acceptance and buyers satisfaction over the earlier couple of a long time. Corrugated EPTT Box Flexo Slotting and Die Slicing EPT EPTT

EPT velocity printing slotting and rotary die cutting EPTT
I.Use and Attributes:
This EPTT can comprehensive the features of feeding, printing, slotting, die chopping, counting and so on. It can save the operator and recognize the automated generation. It is a higher-velocity, large productive and reduced consumption carton generation products. The EPTT EPTT EPT EPT and laptop software program are internationally renowned manufacturers, the high quality is stable and trustworthy. Employing male-EPTT interface, personal computer orEPTTmanagement, effortless operation, rapid alter orders.
All the printing EPTTs EPT EPT undertake German JCEP model. The EPTT EPTs are all created of 40Cr and processed by grinding. The connection element of the EPTT component adopts keyless connection (expansion sleeve), gets rid of the relationship gap, and is appropriate for the EPTT expression and higher speed operation of the large torque. The EPTT EPTT EPTT bearing, the EPTTant EPTT parts all undertake the Japanese NSK model.

II.Paper Feeding Device

  1. EPT edge feeding system.

(1)EPT edge feeding method, improve the flow of supporters, to maintain higher speed, reduced pace paper feeding accuracy, the smallest paper width 350mm.
(two)Sectional adjustment of airflow and pressure, matched with cardboard size.
(3)Positioning by the JCEP baffle to lessen feed problems, boost paper feeding, printing and die-chopping precision.
(four)Still left and rigEPTT side baffle manageled by electric, outfitted with cardboard pat function.
(five)Rear cardboad body electrical manage JCEP and back movement.
(six)JCEP paper baffle clearance guide adjustment.
(7)With constant and intermittent paper feeding perform. (optional or steady feed) as JCEP.
2. Upper and decrease paper feeding roll
(1)Upper roller:The outer diameter of the 155mm metal pipe surface area coated with use-resistant NBR (nitrile-butadiene rubber ), stability correction.
(two)Decrease roller: the outer diameter of the 155mm paper feeding roller surface embossed plated hard.
(3)Paper feeding strain roller adjustment hole utilizing self-locking construction, adjustment assortment -12mm.
(four)The EPTT EPTT of the pressure roller is EPTn by the rolling cross coupling, which minimizes the abrasion and helps make the EPTT a lot more well balanced.
3. EPTT individual and with each other all equipped with alarm, continue to ring the alarm when touring, to make sure the protection of operators.
one.The driving shaft is presented with a friction sort clutch to avoid the misoperation and injury to the EPTT.
2.The main motor is geared up with safety device (not start EPTT locking when the host is unable to switch the cargo).
3.Paper feeding device electrical automatic zeroing.
4.The EPTT carton use automated zeroing unit, consider printing one to 2 pieces of cardboard can be altered to the correct placement, minimize cardboard waste.


one.EPT roller
(one)The outer diameter is 395.6mm (with diameter of 410mm).
(2)substantial good quality steel, surface grinding, tough chromium plating.
(3)Stability correction,smoothly procedure.
(four)Scroll hanging plate, utilizing the rigEPTT and left sides of the locking gadget, so that the a lot more precise edition of the hanging.
(5)Full model of the variation of the trench, the software of the 9mm hanging adhere.
(6)Loading and unloading printing board, foot switch electrical control EPTT and reverse.
2. EPT press roller
(one)Outside the house diameter is 155mm.
(2)Metal pipe floor grinding, tough chromium plating.
(3) Harmony correction,smoothly operation.
(four)Self locking composition of stress roller hole adjustment, adjusting selection -12mm.
3.The metal anilox roller (EPT in accordance to client demand for the mesh) (higher than 250 mesh matching ceramic roller)
(1) Outdoors diameter is215mm.
(two)The floor of the steel pipe is made of EPTd chromium plating process,hard, easy wear.
(3)Dot regular, ink uniform.
(4)ProEPTT the provider daily life of printing plate and rubber roller.
(five)The anilox roller hole adjustment adopts self-locking composition, adjusting range -12mm.

four.EPT roller:
(one) Exterior diameter is205mm.
(two)Uniform ink roller, coated with put on-resistant rubber, rubber roller high paraEPTTc variety, to compensate for the drive deformation, enhance the result of inking. EPT for the butyl rubber, shore hardness of 60 degrees or more, through the EPTT influence of very good polish ink. The rubber roller is EPTn by the motor when the EPTT is stopped. When EPTT stopped, the ink will not quit, ink uniform.
(three) Self locking composition of rubber roller hole adjustment, adjusting assortment -12mm.
5. Period changing system
(one)Planetary EPT composition.
(2)The printing stage is managed by pc and electrical EPTT handle 360 levels(running and stopping each can alter)
(three)The transverse section of the printing roller adopts electric adjustment, the adjustment assortment is plusmn5mm.
(four)The printing plate roller employs the electrical adjustment phase, to return to zero and the version pace is fast, adjusts the version precision to be substantial.
6. Feeding roll
(1) Paper feeding upper roller, outer diameter of 86mm, large good quality metal plated hard chromium with four XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. wheels, diameter of 125mm.
(two)Paper feeding decrease roller, outer diameter is 155mm, XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. paper roll plating tough chromium.
(3)Self locking composition to change the clearance of the XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. roller, and the adjusting selection is -12mm.
seven.drinking water Ink circulation construction
(1) EPT diaphragm pump for ink security, easy operation and routine maintenance.
(two) Ink filter,EPT impurities
(three)Outfitted with ink checking program, no ink alarm.

8. EPT period fiXiHu (West EPT) unit
(1) Undertake pneumatic brake system. When the device is used for separating and changing the period or cleansing, the brake system limitations the EPT to rotate, and the fastened situation of the original EPT place is maintained.
IV. Slotting Device

  1. Geared up with pre press wheel, the paperboard after pre pressing line is not straightforward to crack.
  2. One shaft double knife slotting, heigEPTT adjustment adopts PLC and EPTT electric powered adjustment, contact EPT handle.
  3. slotted section using PLC and EPTT input 360 levels adjustment, end and operation both can be modified.
  4. slotting knife seat and press line wheel horizontal motion, undertake synchronous electric powered adjustment. PLC contact EPT adjustment, immediate input carton measurement, computerized adjustment.
  5. Push-line hole adjustment adopts self lock composition, altering range -12mm.
  6. Slotting device box, higher adjustment, traverse adjustment are equipped with anti-collision defense gadget.
  7. slotting knife width 7mm, alloy substance, right after heat treatment method, grinding, tooth formed slotting knife, double blade trimming knife, knife edge is sharp.

V. Die slicing Device

one.EPT pad roller
(one)Adopts one:900 crankshaft rotation reversing 30mm swimming transverse construction.
(two)The outer diameter of the rubber pad roller is phi388.9mm.
(3)EPT pad roller for large good quality steel, surface grinding, hard chromium plating.
(four)Balance correction, increased operating steadiness
(five)EPT pad thickness 8mm, width 250mm.
(six)The self locking framework is adopted to change the hole amongst the pad roller and the cutter roller, and the adjusting range is -16mm.
(seven)EPTT compensation structure of rubber pad roller, computerized manage of pad roll velocity.
(8)rubber pad roller trimming structure, timely restore rubber pad surface area, keep the rubber pad roll flat.
two.Die roll phi360mm.
(one)The die roller is of substantial high quality steel, the surface area is grinded, challenging chromium plating.
(2)EPTT harmony correction, increased operating steadiness.
(three)Die set screw gap spacing, horizontal 100mm, radial 18, screw hole M10.
(4)Application of line heigEPTT 22.60mm
(five)EPT template thickness 13mm, blade heigEPTT 25.4mm.
3.Die slicing section adjusting mechanism.
(one)planetary EPT type structure.
(two)Die chopping section employing the computer and electric powered EPTT management 360 degree adjustment (operate, end can be adjusted).
(three)The cutter roller transverse adopts electric powered adjustment, the adjustment assortment is plusmn5mm.
4.XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. roller
(1)Adopts the self – locking construction to adjust the clearance of the XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. roller, the adjustment assortment is – 12mm.
(two)The EPTT EPTT of the paper XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. roller is EPTn by the rolling cross coupling, which minimizes the abrasion and tends to make the EPTT much more steady.

VI.Stacker device:

  1. paper receiving arm
  1. This EPTT has both handbook and automatic operation.
  2. The paper arm EPT belt, impartial adjustment of tightness, without belt size limit.
  3. Paper stacking speed can arbitrarily altered within a certain variety.
  1. Platform lifting
  1. EPTTful EPT EPT.
  2. Stack heigEPTT is 1600mm.
  3. System lifting motor geared up with brake operate, the system to keep a fixed position, will not slide.
  1. Paper obtaining baffle
  1. air force motion paper receiving supporting board, when the paperboard accumulates to a predeterEPTd height, the paper getting supporting board instantly extends out and supports the cardboard.
  2. Handbook adjustment the rear struggle situation.
  3. Flat corrugated belt helps prevent cardboard from sliding.

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