Jc624-01 Pump and Compressor Sensor, Pressure Transmitter for Hydraulic and Pneumatic System

Jc624-01 Pump and Compressor Sensor, Pressure Transmitter for Hydraulic and Pneumatic System

Jc624-01 Pump and Compressor Sensor Overview:

Jc624-01 pump and compressor sensor is a civil and industrial solution with massive intake and minimal costs, for which a new standard of value efficiency has been established. This collection of merchandise is broadly used for pneumatic and hydraulic detection even in really harsh medium setting this kind of as sewage, vapor, slight corrosive liquid and fuel.
JC624-01 collection is developed with overseas superior micro-machined silicon stress-delicate resistance steel membranes. Micro-melting technological innovation is adopted to solidify the high-temperature glass on the stainless metal isolating membrane. Glass cementation avoids the influence of temperature, humidity, mechanical fatigue and medium on the adhesive and content, hence maximizing extended-term stability of the sensor in industrial environment. In the meantime, the impact of P – N junction in a standard micromechanical sensor can also be avoided.

Jc624-01 Pump and Compressor Sensor  Features:
* Leakage security
* Low-cost OEM
* Cost-free of O-ring, silicone oil, and welding seam
* Millivolt or common sign output
* Large value performance
* Extensive assortment of operating temperature
* Solitary-piece built-in composition manufactured of stainless steel 

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Jc624-01 Pump and Compressor Sensor Application:
* Pump and compressor
* CZPT and pneumatic system
* CZPT and drinking water treatment method
* Computerized detection system 
* Agricultural equipment
* Refrigeration products — Freon or ammonia

Technological Parameters:

Measuring range ~100KPa…70MPa
Pressure type Gauge pressure or absolute pressure
Permissible overpressure Two times of full-scale pressure
Measuring media The gas or liquid compatible with 316 stainless steel
Power supply 5V DC     12~36 VDC (generally 24V DC)
Signal output ≥70mV DC 4-20mA,  1-5 V,  0~5 V,  0.5-4.5 V 
Accuracy(nonlinearity + hysteresis + repeatability) ±0.five%FS(typical value)
Extended-term stability ±0.twenty five%FS/year
Range of operating temperature -twenty~+85ºC
Range of compensation temperature -ten~+50ºC
Temperature performance Zero temperature coefficient:±0.04%FS/ºC(common)
Sensitivity temperature coefficient:±0.04%FS/ºC(normal) ±0.06%FS/ºC(optimum)
Thermal hysteresis ±0.1%FS(common)
CZPTal connection PG7cable connection Connector DIN43650
Enclosure protection class IP67(cable type) IP65(socket type)
Response time(ten%~90%) ≤3ms
Load resistance ≤(U-twelve)/.02  Ω
Insulation resistance 100MΩ,500VDC
Safety and explosion protection Ex ia II CT6
Vibration error ≤±0.01%FS(Axes X,Y,Z,200Hz/g)
Bodyweight Approx. 250g

Ordering Information:

JC624-01   Pump and Compressor Sensor
  Code Product variety  
T Strain transducer
S Pressure sensor
  Pressure kind Gauge force (G may possibly not be indicated)absolute strain(A)
  Code Overall accuracy (linearity + repeatability + hysteresis)
1 ±0.five%FS
  Code Sign output
A1 4~20mA  
V1 1~5V DC  
V2 ~5V DC  
V3 .5~4.5V DC       
V4 ≥70 mv DC (strain sensor)
  Code Added features
F1 M20x1.5 external thread
F2 G1/4 external thread
W1 Cable type(IP67,2m)
W3 Aerial socket type(IP65)
E Intrinsically safe explosion-proof type Ex iaIICT6
JC624-01 (~1.6MPa) -1   -A1   -F1  -W3   Pump and Compressor Sensor

Ideas for Kind Variety
* The medium to be measured shall be suitable with the materials getting in touch with with the merchandise.
* As an additional purpose code for variety assortment, the code “E” for intrinsically secure explosion-evidence variety Ex iaIICT6 denotes that electricity supply should be equipped through security barrier
* For other specific specifications, remember to talk about with us and obviously reveal them in the order.


Jc624-01 Pump and Compressor Sensor, Pressure Transmitter for Hydraulic and Pneumatic System