Omv315 Omv400 Omv500 Omv630 Omv800 Omv1000 Blince Orbit Hydraulic Motor for Sale

Omv315 Omv400 Omv500 Omv630 Omv800 Omv1000 Blince Orbit Hydraulic Motor for Sale

OMV315 OMV400 OMV500 OMV630 OMV800 OMV1000 CZPT Orbit CZPT Motor For Sale

Attribute attributes:

one Superior producing gadgets for the Geroler equipment set,which use lower force of start-up, give clean and reliable operation and large effectiveness.
2 The output shaft adapts in tapered roller bearings that permit higher axial and radial forces.Can provide capacities of high stress and high torque in the vast of apps.
three Sophisticated layout in disc distrbution flow, which can automatically compensate in operating with substantial quantity efficiency and extended daily life, provide clean and reputable procedure.

Solution information:

Information sheet:

Type  OMV315 OMV400
OMV500 OMV630 OMV800 OMV1000
Displacement (cm ³/rev.) 333 419 518 666 801 990
Max. speed (rpm) cont. 510 five hundred 400 320 250 two hundred
int. 630 600 480 380 three hundred 240
Max. Torque
cont. 920 1180 1460 1660 1880 2015
int. 1110 1410 1760 1940 2110 2280
peak 1290 1640 2050 2210 2470 2400
Max. output (kW) cont. 38. forty seven. forty seven. forty. 33. 28.six
int. forty six. 56. 56. 56. forty four. forty.
Max pressure
cont. twenty twenty twenty 18 sixteen 14
int. 24 24 24 21 eighteen sixteen
peak 28 28 28 24 21 eighteen
Max flow
cont. one hundred sixty 200 two hundred 200 two hundred two hundred
int. two hundred 240 240 240 240 240
Net Weight  (kg) 31.eight 32.six 33.five 34.nine 36.five 38.6

Get Infos:

CZPT Orbital CZPT Motor OMV sequence
Flange: four: 4-Ø18 Sq.-flange Ø200, pilot Ø160×11
W: 4-Ø18 Wheel-flange Ø224, pilot Ø180×10
K6: 4–Ø14.2 Sq.-flange Ø162, pilot Ø127×11
K4: 4-Ø14.two Square-flange Ø160, pilot Ø125×11
Output Shaft: A: Shaft Ø50 , parallel shaft with important 14×9×70 
BD: Shaft Ø53.975, splined shaft sixteen-DP8/sixteen
B: Shaft Ø53.975, splined essential sixteen-DP8/sixteen
C: Shaft Ø57.fifteen, parallel shaft with essential twelve.7×12.7×57.fifteen
T: Cone shaft Ø60, parallel key 16×10×32
T1: Cone shaft Ø60, parallel crucial fourteen.308×14.308×50.8
Q: Shaft Ø45, splined shaft 17Z*two.5×30P×5e
M: Shaft Ø45, parallel shaft with important 12×8×70 
Y:  Shaft Ø45, parallel shaft with essential 12×8×45
Ports and drain port: D: G1 Manifold 4×M12, G1/four
M: M33×2 Manifold 4×M12, M14×1.five
S: 1-5/sixteen-12UN, 9/16-18UNF
G: G1,G1/4
M5: M33×2, M14×1.5
S1: 1-five/16-12UN(eighteen),seven/sixteen-20UNF(twelve)

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Omv315 Omv400 Omv500 Omv630 Omv800 Omv1000 Blince Orbit Hydraulic Motor for Sale