Orbital Hydraulic Motor Omm Gerotor Motors Hydraulics

Orbital Hydraulic Motor Omm Gerotor Motors Hydraulics

High pace Orbital CZPT Motor OMM sequence

Solution Description
CZPT OMM series motor are tiny volume, affordable sort, which is made with shaft distribution stream, which adapt the Gerotor gear set layout and provide compact volume, large energy and lower weigth.

Attribute functions:
* Innovative manufacturing gadgets for the Gerotor gear established, which offer tiny quantity, large efficiency and extended lifestyle.
* Shaft seal can bear higher pressure of motor of which can be utilized in parallel or in sequence.
* Sophisticated development layout, substantial electricity and lower fat.

Product demonstrate:


CZPT Orbital hydraulic motor OMM
Displacement: 8 / twelve.five / 20 / 32 / 40 / 50
Flange: 3-M6 Circle-flange, pilotØ 31.5× five
3-one/4-28UNF Circle flange, pilot Ø 31.5× 5
2-Ø 9 Rhomb-flange, pilotØ 63× two
Output shaft: ShaftØ 16, parallel key 5× 5× sixteen
ShaftØ fifteen.875, parallel essential four.8× four.8× 19.05
ShaftØ 16.five, involute B17× 14, DIN5482
Ports/drain port: G3/eight, G1/8
nine/sixteen-18UNF, three/8-24UNF
Conclude port G3/8, G1/8
End port nine/sixteen-18UNF, 3/8-24UNF
Rotation directional Forward
Paint: No paint / Silver grey / Black / Blue

Application areas:
* CZPT tools
* Agricultural products
* Content managing & CZPTing products
* Forestry tools
* Garden and turf tools
* CZPT goal
* Device equipment and stationary equipment
* Maritime products
* Any Much more

CZPT hydraulic motor can substitue for: 
CZPT-Danfoss orbit motor  OML/ OMM/OMP/ OMR/ OMH/ OMEW/ OMS/ OMT/ OMV
White orbit motor  WP/WG/WR/RS/DR/RE/CE/HB/WS/D9 sequence
Eaton Char Lynn orbit motor  J/JH/JS/2K/6K/J6K/10K
M+S orbit motor  MLHM/MP/MR/MH/MS/MT/MV
SAM orbit motor  BG/BR/BS/AR/HR/HT
Brevini orbit Motor  BG Collection
Japen OPN ORB-GS Collection

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Orbital Hydraulic Motor Omm Gerotor Motors Hydraulics