Parker PV Series Axial Piston Pump Hydraulic Pump for Sale

Parker PV Series Axial Piston Pump Hydraulic Pump for Sale


Series PV series axial piston pump
Requirements PV016, PV571, PV571, PV032, PV040, PV046, PV063, PV080, PV092, PV140, PV180, PV270, PV360
Doing work pressure Rated force 35 MPa
Peak stress 42 MPa
Control mode:
With regular strain regulator
With energy regulator
Installation conforms to standard VDMA-24560

Regular Set up Type: IS0 3019/24 Hole Flange (metric)

Optional Installation Form: IS0 3019/fourteen Gap Flange (SAE)

Massive variable handle piston with powerful reset spring, fast response.

Because the compensating method has ample force release perform, the peak pressure at zero flow price is decreased.

The minimum payment stress is twelve-fifteen bar.

9 plunger layout and new technologies of pre-compression quantity are adopted to decrease movement fluctuation to the lowest level at any time.

Robust and FEM-optimized pump body framework decreases the comprehensive variable control type of noise level

100% nominal torque by way of-shaft transmission structure

Pumps of the very same specification, variety and nearly all of the same metric or SAE flanges can be assembled.

Technical benefits:
PV is a strong design that supplies trustworthy loops for the most demanding purposes
Compact framework and support-helpful style
Adaptable installation interface
lower noise
higher effectiveness
Lower power use and decrease heat
Simple hydraulic handle with “No leakage” adjustment
Complete-electricity by way of-shaft push capacity
High self-suction pace functionality of 350 bar
The fem-optimized housing and precompression chamber have lower output pulsations and low sounds
Modular compensator with fast response
Complete shaft drive torque 100% nominal torque

PV092L1D1T1 PV092R1K1JH PV140R1D3BC PV140R1L4T1 PV180R1K1BB PV270R1D3DF
PV092L1D3BB PV092R1K1KJ PV140R1D3CD PV140R2D3T1 PV180R1K1CD PV270R1D3EG
PV092L1D3CD PV092R1K1LK PV140R1D3CE PV140R2K1T1 PV180R1K1DF PV270R1D3T1
PV092L1E1DF PV092R1K1T1 PV140R1D3DF PV140R2L1LL PV180R1K1JH PV270R1D7T1
PV092L1E1T1 PV092R1K4AY PV140R1D3T1 PV180R1G8T1 PV180R1K1KJ PV270R1E1BB
PV092L1E3AY PV092R1K4BB PV140R1E1AY PV180R1K1AY PV180R1K1LK PV270R1E1T1
PV092L1E3LY PV092R1K4JH PV140R1E3BC PV180L1D1T1 PV180R1K4KJ PV270R1E3BB
PV092L1E3T1 PV092R1K4KJ PV140R1E3CB PV180L1D3CD PV180R1K4LK PV270R1E3CD
PV092L1K1BB PV092R1K4LK PV140R1E3T1 PV180L1E1DF PV180R1K4LL PV270R1E3DF
PV092L1K1LK PV092R1K4T1 PV140R1F1T1 PV180L1E1T1 PV180R1K4T1 PV270R1E3T1
PV092L1K1T1 PV092R1K8T1 PV140R1F3BB PV180L1E3CD PV180R1K8T1 PV270R1K1AY
PV092L1K4KJ PV092R1L1CD PV140R1F3CD PV180L1E3T1 PV180R1L1BB PV270R1K1BB
PV092L1K4LK PV092R1L1JH PV140R1F3T1 PV180L1G1CD PV180R1L1JH PV270R1K1CD
PV092L1K8T1 PV092R1L1KJ PV140R1G1AY PV180L1G1DF PV180R1L1KJ PV270R1K1KJ
PV092L1L1T1 PV092R1L1LK PV140R1G1DF PV180L1G1T1 PV180R1L1LK PV270R1K1LK
PV092L1L4T1 PV092R1L1T1 PV140R1G1JH PV180L1G3BC PV180R1L1LL PV270R1K1LL
PV092R1D1LK PV092R1L4T1 PV140R1G1LL PV180L1G3CD PV180R1L1T1 PV270R1K1MM
PV092R1D1T1 PV092R1L8T1 PV140R1G1T1 PV180L1G3DF PV180R1L4T1 PV270R1K1T1
PV092R1D3AY PV092R2D3BB PV140R1G3CD PV180L1G3T1 PV180R1L8T1 PV270R1L1AY
PV092R1D3BB PV092R2K1T1 PV140R1G3T1 PV180L1G4BB PV180R2F3T1 PV270R1L1BB
PV092R1D3BC PV092R2K4LK PV140R1G8AY PV180L1G8T1 PV180R2K1T1 PV270R1L1CD
PV092R1D3CD PV092R2L1T1 PV140R1G8T1 PV180L1K1AY PV180R2L4T1 PV270R1L1JH
PV092R1D3CE PV092R2L4T1 PV140R1K1AY PV180L1K1T1 PV180X5932 PV270R1L1KJ
PV092R1D3DD PV140L1D1T1 PV140R1K1BB PV180L1L1KJ PV180X5970 PV270R1L1LK
PV092R1D3T1 PV140L1E1DF PV140R1K1BY PV180L1L1LL PV270L1D3T1 PV270R1L1LL
PV092R1D8T1 PV140L1E1LK PV140R1K1JH PV180L1L1T1 PV270L1E1T1 PV270R1L1MM
PV092R1E1BB PV140L1E1T1 PV140R1K1KJ PV180R1D3BB PV270L1E3AY PV270R1L1T1
PV092R1E1BC PV140L1E3T1 PV140R1K1LK PV180R1D3BC PV270L1E3CD PV270R1L8CD
PV092R1E1CD PV140L1F1T1 PV140R1K1LL PV180R1D3CD PV270L1E3DF PV270R2D1BB
PV092R1E1DF PV140L1F3T1 PV140R1K1T1 PV180R1D3CE PV270L1E3T1 PV270R2K1AY
PV092R1E1T1 PV140L1G1AY PV140R1K4AY PV180R1D3DG PV270L1K1BB PV270R2K1MM
PV092R1E3BC PV140L1G1DF PV140R1K4BB PV180R1D3T1 PV270L1K1MM PV270R2K1T1
PV092R1E3CD PV140L1G1T1 PV140R1K4CD PV180R1E1BC PV270L1K1T1 PV270R2K8BB
PV092R1E3DF PV140L1G3CD PV140R1K4JH PV180R1E1T1 PV270L1L1T1 PV270R2L1T1
PV092R1E3T1 PV140L1G3T1 PV140R1K4LK PV180R1E3CD PV270L2K1MM PV270R1D3CD
PV092R1E4T1 PV140L1G4CD PV140R1K4LL PV180R1E3DG PV270L2K1T1  
PV092R1E8AY PV140L1K1AY PV140R1K4T1 PV180R1E3T1 PV270R1D1AY  
PV092R1E8DF PV140L1K1T1 PV140R1K8T1 PV180R1F1CD PV270R1D1BB  
PV092R1E8T1 PV140L1K4T1 PV140R1L1AY PV180R1F3T1 PV270R1D1DG  
PV092R1K1AY PV140L1L1CD PV140R1L1BB PV180R1G1CD PV270R1D1LL  
PV092R1K1BB PV140L1L1LL PV140R1L1JH PV180R1G1T1 PV270R1D1T1  
PV140R1D3BB PV140L1L1T1 PV140R1L1KJ PV180R1G3BB PV270R1D3BB  
PV140R1L4BB PV140L1L4T1 PV140R1L1LL PV180R1G3DF PV270R1D3BC  
PV180R1G8AY PV140R1D1T1 PV140R1L1T1 PV180R1G3T1 PV270R1D3CC  


Parker PV Series Axial Piston Pump Hydraulic Pump for Sale