Qjm02-0.4 Hydraulic Motor

Qjm02-0.4 Hydraulic Motor

Design: QJM Collection
Displacement: 63-1000 ml/r
Torque: ninety three – 15000 N. M

QJM sequence hydraulic motors can constitute a hydraulic actuator with distinct oil pumps, valves and hydraulic elements. They are ready to adapt them selves to all types of mechanical conditions by reason of some actions taken to their designs. The motor has numerous rewards, e. G. Mild bodyweight, little dimensions, wide speed regulating variety, capable of stepping variation, reputable efficiency and long helpful daily life, etc. As this product has variable displacements twin and trial speeds, it is wider in velocity regulating selection. That one particular of Z series hydraulic motor can endure exterior radial and axial forces. As T series hydraulic motor has a central through hole, the rotating shaft can move by means of the motor.


one. Since the rolling human body of this motor is changed by a metal ball rather than two or a lot more rollers and beams commonly employed in interior curve hydraulic motors, it is straightforward in composition, dependable in functionality and significantly reduced in quantity or fat.
2. A modest kinematics’ pair inertia and a difficult metal ball make this motor constantly operate in the course of the rotation at increased velocity and beneath stronger effect load.
3. It has increased mechanical and volumetric effectiveness for its small friction pair, oil feed shaft well balanced with roller, piston pair capable of static force equilibrium & excellent lubrication and coated substantial force sealing oil on gentle plastic mat.
4. As the oil feed shaft and stator are in rigid link, the oil pipeline of this product can be related with steel pipe.
five. As this model has variable displacements twin and trinal speeds, it is wider in pace regulating assortment.
six. Simple construction and simple upkeep.
seven. That a single of Z series hydraulic motor can endure outdoors radial and axial forces. As T series hydraulic motor has a central through hole, the rotating shaft can go by way of the motor.

Technological Parameter:

Type Displacement
Pressure(MPa) Rotational Pace Variety(r/min) Rated output Torque(N.M) Mixture electrical power (kw)
Rated Peak
1QJM001-.063 .064 ten 16 8-600 ninety five one.four
1QJM001-.08 .083 10 sixteen 8-five hundred 123 1.8
1QJM001-.10 .104 ten 16 8-four hundred 154 2.three
1QJM002-.2 .2 ten sixteen five-320 295 four.three
1QJM01-.one .ten ten sixteen eight-four hundred 148 two.two
1QJM01-.sixteen .163 ten 16 8-350 241 three.six
1QJM01-.2 .203 ten 16 eight-320 three hundred four.4
1QJM02-.32 .326 10 sixteen five-320 483 seven.one
1QJM02-.four .406 ten 16 five-320 600 eight.8
1QJM011-.32 .339 10 16 5-four hundred 468 five.nine
1QJM11-.4 .404 10 16 5-four hundred 598 seven.5
1QJM11-.five .496 10 sixteen five-320 734 9.two
1QJM11-.63 .664 10 16 4-250 983 twelve.4
1QJM1A1-.sixty three .664 ten 16 4-250 983 twelve.four
1QJM21-.4 .404 sixteen twenty five 2-400 957 10.
1QJM21-.5 .496 sixteen twenty five 2-320 1175 12.3
1QJM21-.sixty three .664 sixteen twenty five 2-250 1572 16.five
1QJM21-.eight .808 16 twenty five two-two hundred 1913 20.
1QJM21-one. 1.01 10 sixteen 2-one hundred sixty 1495 fifteen.8
1QJM21-one.25 one.354 ten 16 two-125 2004 21
1QJM21-1.6 one.65 ten sixteen two-100 2442 twenty five.6
1QJM12-one. one. 10 sixteen 4-two hundred 1480 eighteen.six
1QJM12-one.25 1.33 ten sixteen 4-one hundred sixty 1968 24.8
1QJM32-.sixty three .635 20 31.5 three-three hundred 1880 19.eight
1QJM32-.8 .808 20 31.five three-250 2368 24.eight
1QJM32-1. 1.06 20 31.5 two-250 3138 33.
1QJM32-1.25 1.295 20 31.five 2-two hundred 3833 forty.2
1QJM32-one.six 1.649 twenty 31.five 2-200 4881 fifty one.2
1QJM32-two. two.03 16 twenty five 2-two hundred 4807 fifty.five
1QJM32-2.5 2.71 10 sixteen one-one hundred sixty 4011 forty two
1QJM32-3.2 three.3 10 sixteen 1-one hundred twenty five 4884 51.2
1QJM32-4. four. 10 sixteen one-a hundred 5920 sixty two.
1QJM42-2. 2.eleven 20 31..five 1-250 6246 52.five
1QJM42-two.five 2.fifty six twenty 31.5 one-250 7578 sixty three.5
1QJM42-3.two 3.24 ten sixteen one-200 4850 forty.8
1QJM42-four. four. ten 16 one-a hundred and sixty 5920 fifty.
1QJM42-4.five four.six ten sixteen one-125 6808 fifty seven.
1QJM52-two.5 two.67 20 31..5 one-two hundred 7903 sixty six.2
1QJM52-32 3.24 twenty 31..five 1-200 9590 80.5
1QJM52-four. four. sixteen 25 one-two hundred 9472 eighty.
1QJM52-five. 5.23 ten 16 1-a hundred and sixty 7740 65.
1QJM52-six.three 6.36 10 31..five one-a hundred twenty five 9413 79.
1QJM62-4. 4. 20 31.5 .five-one hundred fifty 11840 74.5
1QJM62-five. 5.eighteen twenty 31.five .five-one hundred and five 15333 96.five
1QJM62-6.3 6.27 sixteen twenty five .5-a hundred twenty five 14847 ninety three.5
1QJM62-eight. 7.eighty five 10 sixteen .five-100 11618 73.
1QJM62-1. ten.15 ten sixteen .5-eighty 15571 ninety five.


Qjm02-0.4 Hydraulic Motor