Rexroth Hydraulic A2FM80 90 Piston Motor for Excavator

Rexroth Hydraulic A2FM80 90 Piston Motor for Excavator

CZPT   CZPT A2FM80/ninety piston Motor for Excavator

Brueninghaus Hydromatik CZPT A2FM motor

CZPT motor A2FM5, A2FM10, A2FM12, A2FM16, A2FM23, A2FM28, A2FM32, A2FM45, A2FM56, A2FM63, A2FM80, A2FM90,
A2FM107, A2FM125, A2FM160, A2FM180, A2FM200, A2FM250, A2FM355, A2FM500, A2FM710, A2FM1000


Open up circuits
Series sixty six, 63, 60
Measurement: 10 12 sixteen 23 28 32 forty five fifty six 63 eighty 90 107 125 a hundred and sixty one hundred eighty two hundred 250 355 five hundred 710 one thousand
Force: Dimensions five Nominal force 4550 psi (315 bar)/Peak force 5100 psi (350 bar)
Measurement 10 to 200 Nominal stress 5800 psi (400 bar)/ Peak pressure 6500 psi (450 bar)
Measurement 250 to one thousand Nominal pressure 5100 psi (350 bar)/ Peak strain 5800 psi (four hundred bar)
The A2FM fastened displacement motor with axial tapered piston rotary group of bent axis design, for hydrostatic drives in open circuits
– For use in cell and stationary purposes places
– Output circulation is proportional to drive velocity and displacement
– The generate shaft bearings are made to give the service lifestyle anticipated in these regions of procedure
– Large electricity density
– Compact design and style
– Higher all round efficiency
– Economical conception
– A single piece pistons with piston rings
Technological Data of Brueninghaus Hydromatik CZPT A2FM motor 
Desk of values (theoretical values, without performance and tolerances values rounded)

CZPT A2FM motor A2FM5 A2FM10 A2FM12 A2FM16 A2FM23 A2FM28 A2FM32 A2FM45
Displacement V g cm³ 4.ninety three ten.three twelve 16 22.9 32 forty five.six
Velocity nnom rpm 5600 3150 3150 3150 2500 2500 2500 2240
Circulation at nnom qV l/min 27.6 32.four 37.eight fifty fifty seven 70 80 102
Electricity Δp = 315 bar P kW 14.five
Δ p = 400 bar P kW 21.six twenty five 34 38 47 53 68
Torque Δp = 315 bar T Nm
Δ p = four hundred bar T Nm sixty five 76 one zero one one hundred forty five 178 203 290
Bodyweight (approx.) m kg 2.five six 6 six nine.five nine.5 9.five thirteen.5
CZPT A2FM motor A2FM56 A2FM63 A2FM80 A2FM90 A2FM107 A2FM125 A2FM160 A2FM180
Displacement V g cm³ 56.1 sixty three 80.four 90 125 160.four one hundred eighty
Speed nnom rpm 2000 2000 1800 1800 1600 1600 1450 1450
Stream at nnom qV l/min 112 126 one hundred forty four 162 one hundred seventy two hundred 232 261
Power Δ p = four hundred bar P kW seventy five 84 96 108 114 133 one hundred fifty five 174
Torque Δ p = 400 bar T Nm 356 four hundred 511 572 678 795 1571 1145
Fat (approx.) m kg eighteen 18 23 23 32 32 forty five 45
CZPT A2FM motor A2FM200 A2FM250 A2FM355 A2FM500 A2FM710 A2FM1000    
Displacement V g cm³ two hundred 250 355 five hundred 710 1000    
Pace nnom rpm 1550 1500 1320 1200 1200 950    
Flow at nnom qV l/min 310 375 469 600 826 950    
Power Δ p = 350 bar P kW 219 273 350 497 554    
Δ p = 400 bar P kW 207    
Torque Δ p = 350 bar T Nm 1393 1978 2785 3955 5570    
Δ p = 400 bar T Nm 1272    
Fat (approx.) m kg 66 73 a hundred and ten one hundred fifty five 322 336    

CZPT fluid
Just before beginning undertaking plHangCZPT, remember to refer to our knowledge sheets RE 95710 (mineral oil), RE 95711 (environmentally appropriate hydraulic fluids) and RE 95713 (HF hydraulic fluids) for comprehensive data regarding the choice of hydraulic fluid and software conditions.
The mounted motor AA2FM is unsuitable for operation with HFA. If HFB, HFC and HFD or environmentally acceptable hydraulic fluids are getting employed, the limits relating to technological data and seals described in RE 95711 and RE 95713 have to be noticed.
Particulars concerning the decision of hydraulic fluid
The right option of hydraulic fluid requires information of the operating temperature in relation to the ambient temperature: in an open circuit the tank temperature. The hydraulic fluid ought to be chosen so that the operating viscosity in the functioning temperature selection is inside the the best possible range (νopt.) – the shaded location of the variety diagram. We suggested that the increased viscosity class be chosen in each scenario. Illustration: At an ambient temperature of X°F (X°C) an running temperature of 140°F (60°C) is established. In the the best possible running viscosity assortment (νopt shaded region) this corresponds to the viscosity lessons VG 46 or VG sixty eight to be picked: VG sixty eight.
Remember to observe: The case drain temperature, which is impacted by stress and velocity, is constantly larger than the tank temperature. At no level in the method might the temperature be larger than 240°C (115°C) for measurements 5 to 200 or 195°F (90°C) for sizes 250 to 1000.
If the earlier mentioned situations are not able to be preserved thanks to excessive working parameters, we suggest flushing the scenario at port U (dimensions 250 to 1000).
Long-life bearing (sizes 250 to one thousand) 
For extended provider daily life and use with HF hydraulic fluids. Identical exterior proportions as motor with standard bearing. A prolonged-lifestyle bearing can be specified. Flushing of bearing and case by means of port U advisable.
Shaft seal ring
The provider daily life of the shaft seal ring is afflicted by the speed of the motor and the situation drain pressure. It is advised that the regular, steady case drain force at operating temperature forty five psi (three bar) absolute not be exceeded (max. permissible case drain force to ninety psi (6 bar) complete at reduced velocity). Brief-term (t < 0.1 s) pressure spikes of up to 145 psi (10 bar) absolute are permitted. The service life of the shaft seal ring decreases with an increase in the frequency of pressure spikes. The case pressure must be equal to or greater than the external pressure on the shaft seal ring.


Rexroth Hydraulic A2FM80 90 Piston Motor for Excavator