Sanitary Inox Fruit Slurry Pump Lobe Rotor Pump

Sanitary Inox Fruit Slurry Pump Lobe Rotor Pump

Bomba de rotor de acero inoxidable
Pompe à rotor en acier inoxydable
Aliquam laoreet ferro rotor
Pompa motore Acciaio Inox

This variety pump’s driving program adopts phase-considerably less variator +motor. The pace regulator changes the speed by guide adjustment, which is secure, dependable and infinitive movement adjustment. But the non-automatic adjustment is also troublesome. Velocity regulating ought to be done in operation not in shutoff point out.
The rotor pump is widely used to produce: A variety of specific material, rigid content, combination with diverse distinct gravity, corrosive materials and content with big energy.
The pump is used in foodstuff, every day chemical compounds, pharmacy, chemical market.

Doing work Approach
As the rotors rotate, the areas between the lobes and the casing are successively
filled with fluid, which is transported to the discharge nozzle with a fixed volume of
displacement. The pumped fluid varieties a continuous stream thanks to the tolerances
in between the lobes and the pump casing, as a result making certain an efficient pumping.

1. Steady function
2. Minimal sounds
three. Straightforward assembly and disassembly
four. Conveniently thoroughly clean

Technical specs
1. Body material: SUS 304 or 316L
two. Ability: 500L/h ~ 14000L/h
three. Substance viscidity: .2CP~500, 000CP
4. Max Outlet pressure: .8-1.2Mpa(large viscidity)
five. Doing work temperatue: -30ºC~150ºC
six. Motor (Reducer): Chinease motor
seven. Speed adjustable reducer
eight. Velocity fixed reducer
nine. Frequency adjustable reducer

Heating chamber (Jacket)
Mechanical seals in SiC/C, SiC/SiC or TgC/SiC.
Cooled or double mechanical seal.
Motors with additional security. (movable,  Explosion proof).
Trolley and/ Switchboard with invertor

Dairy item: Sour and clean milk, ice product, cream slices and whey
Beverage: Beer, mash, yeast, aerated h2o, concentrated fruit remedy and fruit juice beverages
Food: Ketchup, fruit paste, vegetable pulp, pudding, jam, jelly, seasonings, fruit filling, sweetener, yeast paste, salad seasonings, cakes, meat pulp, minced meat, veil fat and edible oil Sweet: Syrup, slender product filling and chocolate
Beauty: Encounter product, lotion, hair dye and essential oil
Medicine: Capsule paste, extract, emulsifying agent and ointment
Chemical: Unwanted fat, solvent, resin, polymer and dyestuff
Infinitely adjustable-speed type rotor pump

Teachnical Parameters

lobe pump
Capacity / per centum Rotate
BLS-3 3L two hundred-500 three hundred-800 .55
BLS-6 6L two hundred-500 650-1600 .75
BLS-eight 8L two hundred-five hundred 850-2160 one.5
BLS-twelve 12L 200-500 1300-3200 two.two
BLS-20 20L 200-five hundred 2100-5400 3
BLS-30 30L two hundred-400 3200-6400 4
BLS-36 36L 200-400 3800-7600 4
BLS-52 52L 200-400 5600-11000 five.5
BLS-66 66L two hundred-400 7100-14000 seven.5
BLS-seventy eight 78L 200-400 9000-18000 7.5
BLS-a hundred 100L two hundred-four hundred 11000-22000 11
BLS-135 135L two hundred-four hundred 15000-30000 15
BLS-a hundred and sixty 160L two hundred-400 17000-34000 eighteen.5
BLS-two hundred 200L 200-400 21600-43000 22

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Sanitary Inox Fruit Slurry Pump Lobe Rotor Pump