Sectional Control Valve SD25 Motor Spool

Sectional Control Valve SD25 Motor Spool

Sectional directional handle valves: SD25 series 


  1. Easy, compact and heavy duty created sectional valve from 1 to 12 sections for open and shut centre hydraulic techniques.
  2. Equipped with a primary force aid valve and a load check valve on each and every doing work part
  3. Accessible with parallel or series circuit.
  4. Optional have–above port.
  5. A extensive variety of provider ports and circuit valves.
  6. Obtainable handbook, pneumatic, hydraulic, electro–hydraulic, and remote with flexible cables spool management kits.
  7. Diameter twenty five mm (.ninety eight in) interchangeable spools.


Nom. Pressure
Nom. Movement rate (L/min) Again Stress(MPa) hydraulic oil
filtrating precision
twenty 31.five 240 ≤1 -20~+eighty ten~400 ≤10


Movement fee 240l/min
Spool perform Cylinder, motor spool, single acting
Thread G1, SAE20, SAE16
Handle way Spring and detent handle
Max strain 315bar.
Spool diameter 25mm


Sectional Control Valve SD25 Motor Spool