Various Models for Option Rexroth A10vso Axial High Pressure Hydraulic Piston Pumps

Various Models for Option Rexroth A10vso Axial High Pressure Hydraulic Piston Pumps

Product Details 

Element Product Variety(The adhering to versions are for reference only, remember to get in touch with us for far more information)

R957187703 A A10VSO 180 DR /32R-VPB22U99
R957115907 A A10VSO180 DFEH/32R-VSB32U00
R957117716 A A10VSO180 DFEH/32R-VSB32U99
R957132313 A A10VSO180 DFEH/32R-VSB32U99
R957135067 A A10VSO180 DR /32R-VKD72U00E E
R957164571 A A10VSO180 DR /32R-VPB22UB8E -S5305
R957130948 A A10VSO180 DR /32R-VPB22U00E
R957137875 A A10VSO180 DR /32R-VPB22U00E -S2635
R957155795 A A10VSO180 DR /32R-VPB22U00E -SO275
R957157409 A A10VSO180 DR /32R-VSB12N00E
R957161685 A A10VSO180 DRF /32*UNGUEL*** *PT*
R957134337 A A10VSO180 DRF /32R-VSD72U00E
R957134448 A A10VSO180 DRF /32R-VSD72U00E E
R957116851 A A10VSO180 DRF/32R-VPB22U00E
R957112319 A A10VSO180 DRF/32R-VPB22UB8E
R957112323 A A10VSO180 DRF/32R-VPB22UE1E
R957138574 A A10VSO180 DRG /32R-VKD72U00E E
R957197939 A A10VSO180 DRG /32R-VKD72U00E E
R957135002 A A10VSO180 DRG /32R-VKD72U00E E
R957192780 A A10VSO180 DRG /32R-VPB22H00
R95714571 A A10VSO180 DRG /32R-VPB22U00E
R957146786 A A10VSO180 DRG /32R-VPB22U00E
R957162986 A A10VSO180 DRG /32R-VPB22U00E
R957157002 A A10VSO180 DRG /32R-VPB22U00E -S3437
R957166667 A A10VSO180 DRG /32R-VPB32U00E
R957115619 A A10VSO180 DRG /32R-VSD72U00E
R957115609 A A10VSO180 DRG /32R-VSD72U00E E
R957110043 A A10VSO180 DRG/32R-VPB22U00E -S3799
R957186825 A A10VSO180 DRG/32R-VPB22U99
R957193032 A A10VSO180 DRG/32R-VPB22U99 -S3437
R957185835 A A10VSO180 DRG/32R-VSB22U99
R957190640 A A10VSO180 DRG/32R-VSB22UB9
R957153460 A A10VSO180 DRS /32*UNGUEL*** Basic*PT*
R957140343 A A10VSO180 DRS /32R-VPB32U00E
R957138514 A A10VSO180 DRS /32R-VSB22U00E
R957148641 A A10VSO180 DRS /32R-VSB22U68E
R957113634 A A10VSO180 DRS /32R-VSB32U00E
R95714571 A A10VSO180 DRS /32R-VSB32U24E
R957178035 A A10VSO180 DRS/32R-VPB32UB2 -S1440
R957161364 A A10VSO180 DRSC/32L-VPB22H00E -S4844
R957164002 A A10VSO180 DRSC/32R-VPB32U00E -S3799
R957131446 A A10VSO180 LA6DG/32R-VSD72U00E
R957143664 A A10VSO180 LA7DG/32R-VKD72U07E
R957136308 A A10VSO180 LA8DG/32R-VKD72U07E
R957157045 A A10VSO180LA5DS/32R-VPB22U00E
R957155774 A A10VSO180LA6D /32R-VPB22U00E
R957151794 A A10VSO180LA6D /32R-VPB32U00E
R957138648 A A10VSO180LA6DS/32R-VKD72U00E ESO413
R957196739 A A10VSO180LA6DS/32R-VKD72U99E SO413
R957113639 A A10VSO180LA6DS/32R-VSB32U00E
R95714 0571 A A10VSO180LA6DS/32R-VSB32U00E
R957141537 A A10VSO180LA6DS/32R-VSD72U00E -SO413
R957135000 A A10VSO180LA7DG/32R-VSB32U00E
R957147457 A A10VSO180LA7DS/32R-VPB22U00E
R957150747 A A10VSO180LA7DS/32R-VPB22U00E
R957165437 A A10VSO180LA7DS/32R-VPB22U00EH -S2308
R957197334 A A10VSO180LA7DS/32R-VSB32U00E
R957144613 A A10VSO180LA7DS/32R-VSB32U00E
R957145827 A A10VSO180LA7DS/32R-VSB32U00E
R95714571 A A10VSO180LA7DS/32R-VSD72U00E -SO413
R957116161 A A10VSO180LA8DS/32R-VSB32U00E
R957146015 A A10VSO180LA8DS/32R-VSB32U00E
R957161732 A A10VSO180 DRF /32R-VSB32G20E
R957162035 AL A10VSO180 DR /32R-VPB22U00E


Size forty five 71 100 140 a hundred and eighty
Displacement   Vg max cm³ 45 71 one hundred one hundred forty one hundred eighty
geometric, per revolution
Nominal pressure   pnom bar 280 280 280 280 280
Maximum pressure   pmax bar 350 350 350 350 350
Maximum speed at Vg max nnom rpm 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800
Flow at Vg max and nnom qV nom l/min 81 128 180 252 324
at Vg max and n = 1500 rpm qV 1500 l/min sixty seven.5 106.7 one hundred fifty 210 270
Electrical power at qV nom and pnom P kW 38 fifty nine.7 84 118 151
at qV 1500 and pnom P 1500 kW sixty seven.five 106.7 150 210 270
Torque at Vg max and pnom M Nm two hundred 317 446 624 802
Weight (approx.)   m kg thirty 47 69 seventy three seventy eight


series A10VSO Sequence Variable Piston Pumps (32 Collection)
Requirements 28,45,71,one hundred,140
Operating pressure Rated force: 28 MPa, Peak pressure: 35 MPa
Control method: Attribute Designed to be used in open circuit
For industrial software locations
-Swashplate layout
-Via push for mounting of even more pumps up to exact same nominal dimension
-Approved for higher speeds
-Improved useful reliability
-Hydrostatically relieved swashplate bearing
-Large selection of controls
-Lower operating sounds
DG – Double Position Manage, Direct Operation
DR – Stress Management
DRG-Pressure Handle Remote Procedure
DRF/DRS-Strain and Movement Control
LA… Pressure, Stream and Energy Manage
LA… variable
ED-Electro-CZPT Handle

Security Directions

 During and shortly following the procedure, harmful axial plunger units and particularly burned solenoid valves exist. Consider proper protection actions (for instance, by wearing protecting clothes). _Handle products for relocating parts (e.g. spools) can, in some instances, be blocked as a result of chemical contamination (e.g. hydraulic impurity FUID from parts, wear or residual dirt). As a result, the FOW of hydraulic FUID and the accumulated torque axial plunger unit can no more time react accurately to the operator’s SPECIFCATIONS. Even using a variety of flter components (exterior or interior FOWfltering) does not eradicate glitches, but only helps mini-Metz threat. The device/method producer should test regardless of whether remedial actions on the machine are required to ensure that the consu-software coastal is driven to a safe spot (e.g. secure quit) and if necessary to make sure that it is appropriately executed. Factors for Attention in Task PlHangCZPT The A10VSO pump is designed as an open circuit. _Undertaking plHangCZPT, installation and commissioning of axial plunger models need competent staff. Ahead of employing the axial plunger device, please go through very carefully, corresponding to extensive and complete directions. If required, inquire for these from Bosch CZPT. In fnalizing, your design and style needs set up drawing with binding functions. _The info and recommendations in this article need to be followed. _Stress management is no objection to pressure backup overload. A independent aid valve is provi – implemented in the hydraulic program. _In accordance to the character teristic curve of the running point out device (working stress, temperature FUID) of the axial piston, it may be changed. _Not all variations of items are accepted for use according to ISO13849 safety function. Remember to speak to Bosch CZPT if you need trustworthy parameters (this kind of as MTTFd value) for purposeful security. _Functioning line port: – The port and fastening threads are created for the specified greatest pressure. Machine or method companies have to make sure that the link components and wires correspond to the essential security factors for the specified operating problems (pressure, FOW, hydraulic FUID, temperature procedure). – The services and operate oil retailers only style hydraulic pipelines.


Much more Particulars About us

CZPT service 1.We can support purchasers style particular items or make products according to buyers’design
two.We can print brand according to buyers’ requirement
our positive aspects one.We are one particular of the most total hydraulic pump add-ons manufacturers in the china, we have been engaged in hydraulic pump accessories for far more than ten years.
2.Our price tag is lower, the shipping and delivery time is quickly, the product is total, since we are a manufacturing unit.
Buyer Services

1.You may email us by means of the make in china messaging method if you have a concern

or would like to submit a remark.

2. CZPTly, electronic mail will be responded to inside 24 several hours other than on each and every Sunday

and holiday seasons. We will reply as before long as we again in office.

3. If you do not see what you are hunting for, just send out us an e-mail with image/photo

and we will be happy to help you.

4. Constructive feedback is really crucial to us.

Packaging & CZPT
Supply Particulars
one.We can pick various techniques of transportation according to the needs of the buyers, possibly by industrial specific or by air and sea.
2.The shipping cycle of equipment is typically about a single months,but we have numerous CZPT in inventory
, the shipping and delivery cycle of the pump is normally 1 to three months, dependent on which product.
Questions you possibly inquiry

Q1:Could you customized goods?

A:We can manufacture it according to your drawings or samples.

Q2: I want to buy your products, how can I pay out?

A :You can shell out via T/T , WEST UNION or other payment terms we reach arrangement.

Q3: How can you assure the top quality?

A: One particular year’s warranty in opposition to B/L date.

If You satisfy with quality dilemma, we guarantee to responsible for it.

This fall: If we never find what we want on your site, what need to we do?

A: You can electronic mail us the descriptions and photographs of the products you need, We will check whether or not we can make it.

Q5: Can we buy one computer of every item for good quality tests?

A: Yes, we understand high quality examination is essential and we are glad to send out 1pc for high quality testing.

Q6: What is the direct time?

A: For this solution, generally three days,3 days and lead time is calculated from the day we obtain your deposit.




Various Models for Option Rexroth A10vso Axial High Pressure Hydraulic Piston Pumps