Vertical Hydraulic Carton Paper Straw Bundle Press Machine

Vertical Hydraulic Carton Paper Straw Bundle Press Machine

Vertical hydraulic carton paper straw bundle push device

one. Purposes

Y82-sixty three Vertical cloth compress baler equipment is widely employed to compressing and packing the calm goods such as cotton, yarn, cloth, hemp, wool and other items.

The compressed deal block has the uniform outer dimension and the huge density and proportion, which is ideal for container transportation.

2. Characteristics

one) CZPT for urgent textile and squander fabric.

2) This sery adopts the upper oil cylinder with no the needs of underground foundation.

three) with emergency button stop any time.

four) basic safety warning marked.

5) lengthy lifestyle of motor and pump.

six) with oil tank on baler, easy installation.

seven) CE marked.

3. Services

1) One particular calendar year assure and lifelong maintenance.

two) Any issue, you can contact us right.

four. Packaging&Shipping

Packaging depth: Nude packing, loading container right.

Shipping detail: 15~20 days

5.Technological parameter

Product Application Boundary Dimension (L*W*H)(cm) Bale Dimensions (L*W*H)(cm) Bale Weight(kg) Power (kw)
Y82T-40M squander plastic one hundred seventy*69*370 110*60*eighty >250 11
Y82-15FZ squander paper,straw a hundred twenty five*eighty two*220 115*75*70 >200 four
Y82F-100FZ squander paper 147*124*383 115*90*(70~ninety) >300 15
Y82-04ZB cardboard a single chamber80*fifty nine*185 71.5*fifty*65 twenty five~fifty 1.5
Y82-12WS hand-drive waste paper baler 360*89*sixty six (30~forty)*eighty*sixty 70~ninety five.five
Y82-100LT TYRE 202*153*388 seventy six*one hundred fifty five*100 >1000 15

Vertical Hydraulic Carton Paper Straw Bundle Press Machine