Z2 Series DC Motor for Hydraulic Pump

Z2 Series DC Motor for Hydraulic Pump

Z2 collection motors are small DC motor for common industrial use&interval
When utilized as electric powered driving&comma Z2 collection motors are suitable for continual energy issue&period of time The speed variety must be significantly less than 2&colon1&comma and the overload capacity should be within one&period5 times rated torque&period They are generally employed for steel chopping machine instruments&comma paper&comma dyeing&comma printing&comma cement and other industries&interval
When used as electric powered generator&comma Z2 collection motors can act as the power offer of lights&comma motive electrical power sources&comma continuous voltage electricity offer&comma  voltage-regulated generator&period

&ast&ast&ast Technological parameter&colon 
A&rpar Used as  electrical driving&colon
    a&time period Rated power&colon &period4Kw~200Kw
    b&interval Standard rated voltage&colon  110v&comma 220v&comma or as needed
    c&interval Rated speed&colon 3000&comma 1500&comma 1000&comma 750&comma 600 r&solmin
    d&period Cooling method&colon IC01&comma IC410&comma IC411
    e&period Safety&colon  IP21S&comma IP23&comma IP44&comma IP54
    f&period Mounting&colon IMB3&comma IMB35&comma IMV1&comma IMV15
    g&time period Responsibility&colon continuous S1
    h Ambient temperature&colon -fifteen ~ &plus40 Celsius degree
    i&time period Altitude&colon within 1000m
B&rpar Utilised as generator&colon
    a&period Energy&colon &period6Kw~185Kw
    b&time period Standard rated voltage&colon  115v&comma 230v&comma or as necessary
    c&interval Pace&colon 2850rpm&comma 1450rpm&comma 960rpm
    d&period Cooling method&colon IC01&comma IC410&comma IC411
    e&time period Defense&colon  IP21S&comma IP23&comma IP44&comma IP54
    f&time period Mounting&colon IMB3&comma IMB35&comma IMV1&comma IMV15
    g&interval Duty&colon continuous S1
    h Ambient temperature&colon -15 ~ &plus40 Celsius degree
    i&period of time Altitude&colon within 1000m

C&rpar Parameter table &lparfor portion of Z2 series dc motor&rpar

Part Technical specs for DC Z2 Motors
Model Rated power Rated voltage Rated current Rated rotating velocity Moment of inertia Excess weight
  KW V A r&solmin kg&astm2 kg
Z2-11 &period8 one hundred ten ten 3000 &period012 30
Z2-twelve one&period1 110 13 3000 &period015 35
Z2-21 1&period5 a hundred and ten seventeen&period5 3000 &period045 fifty
Z2-22 2&period2 a hundred and ten 24&period7 3000 &period055 55
Z2-31 3 110 33&period2 3000 &period085 67
Z2-sixty one ten one hundred ten 107&period5 1500 &period56 a hundred and eighty
Z2-sixty two thirteen a hundred and ten 134&period5 1500 &period65 two hundred
Z2-seventy one 17 110 183 1500 1 265
Z2-seventy two 22 110 235 1500 1&period2 300
Z2-81 30 110 317 1500 2&period8 403
Z2-11 &period8 220 five 3000 &period012 30
Z2-11 one&period1 220 six&period52 3000 &period015 35
Z2-21 1&period5 220 8&period85 3000 &period045 fifty
Z2-22 two&period2 220 12&period2 3000 &period055 fifty five

&ast&ast&ast&astMounting technique

No&time period Construction Code Frame dimension
1 horizontal&comma foot mounted A101 Z2-11~Z2-ninety two
2 horizontal&comma foot mounted&comma with flange A201 Z2-11~Z2-82
3 horizontal&comma with out foot&comma flanged mounted A301 Z2-eleven~Z2-sixty two
four vertical&comma without foot&comma flanged mounted A302 Z2-11~Z2-92
five vertical&comma foot mounted&comma with flange A202 Z2-11~Z2-82

Z2 Series DC Motor for Hydraulic Pump